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Thinking of booking a CITB SMSTS or SSSTS training course?

Just like in the construction industry, where there are good companies and poor ones, the providers of site management training courses differ in quality.

RISK have a reputation for great courses, effective knowledge transfer, and outstanding post certificate support. But don't just take our word for it, here we publish testimonials, case studies and articles - so you can make a more considered decision when choosing your site management training course provider.

22 May 2020

CITB SMSTS & SSSTS Refresher Deadline

Any delegate whose SMSTS/SSSTS achievement has expired since 15 March 2020 and who hasn’t been able to renew in time due to COVID-19, will be allowed to take the refresher rather than the full course - this amendment will remain in place until 30th Septem
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4 May 2020

CITB Site Managers and Supervisors

The UK construction sector is one of the country's leading economic drivers. However, a shortage of skilled professionals is set to become an increasing challenge.
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11 January 2020

5 Tips for passing SMSTS

The SMSTS Certificate is a must if you want to work in construction, there are 12 focus areas and here are 5 SMSTS tips to help you digest what is needed and pass the exam.
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28 November 2019

SSSTS Refresher Training London

RISK's Waterloo venue is proving popular with delegates needing to refresh their (SSSTS) Site Supervisor’s Safety Training Scheme accreditation.
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18 August 2019

How to become a construction site safety manager

Like many industrial environments, construction sites can be dangerous places. Heavy equipment, machinery and vehicles, hazardous materials, dust, confined space working and manual handling all pose major risks to the safety of workers and site visitors.
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21 September 2018

Site Manager Safety Responsibilities

Britain's construction industry is one of the biggest workplace killers. It’s worth remembering the reason behind the SMSTS and SSSTS qualifications is to prevent accidents and reduce risk on a construction site.
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1 January 2018

SSSTS & Refresher Course Scheme Rule Changes 2018

CITB Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) announces new Scheme Rules Changes for 2018. Review our quick summary of the changes and how they impact what you need to do to successfully complete the SMSTS & Refresher Courses in 2018.
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1 January 2018

SMSTS & Refresher Course Scheme Rule Changes 2018

CITB Site Managers Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) announces new Scheme Rules Changes for 2018. Review our quick summary of the key changes impacting what you need to do to successfully complete the SMSTS & Refresher Courses in 2018.
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13 January 2017

Need to take the SSSTS Training Course in London asap?

Our SSSTS Training Courses in London are run virtually every week and we can usually get you on a course at a time and venue to suit your needs. We can even run them on site or at your head office and provide discounts for group bookings.
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8 September 2016

Practical Training with SSSTS London Courses

Many construction Site Supervisors are finding that a two-day SSSTS London course is a great option in learning effective ways to tackle daily challenge and ensure that they can provide the best direction for health and safety on site.
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11 August 2016

The Personal Benefits of SSSTS Training

If you’ve recently been asked to attend SSSTS Training or have considered attending a course for yourself, you may be wondering if it’s really worth it? What are the personal benefits you can have from attending a local SSSTS London course?
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28 June 2016

The Ideal Location for SSSTS London Training Near You

There’s no need to have to ‘endure’ training for your Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme – why not choose a training provider with access to the best venues to make sure that you can truly enjoy both days of your SSSTS London Training.
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24 May 2016

What does your Construction Site Say About You?

There are many cases we hear where lack of proper supervision on construction sites results in nasty accidents and even a death of a worker; so how can you make sure your construction site is meeting the proper standards?
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22 May 2016

SSSTS London Courses for Safer Sites

One way to ensure your construction site expresses to employees, contractors and officials that health and safety is important is by ensuring that your site supervisors receive relevant and practical training through an SSSTS London Course.
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11 May 2016

SSSTS Training; Gaining Personal Benefits

Site Supervisory staff have the responsibility of making sure tasks on site are carried out safely – of course, attending SSSTS London training will improve health and safety knowledge… but will it bring personal benefits?
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26 April 2016

Benefits of NEBOSH Training for Small Businesses

It can be daunting for small businesses to know where to start in gaining compliance for health and safety. However, there is a way to ensure employer obligations are met by bringing in the necessary skills from a local NEBOSH course
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4 March 2016

My Review of SMSTS Training Courses

As our SSSTS courses are similar in delivery to our SMSTS courses, this recent review of our training methods provides a great insight into what you will experience with RISK Health and Safety Training courses.
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25 February 2016

Make 2016 Your Safest Year On-Site

It’s common knowledge that construction is one of the most dangerous industries, so if you’re a business owner that cares for the wellbeing of your workers, why not turn 2016 the safest year yet with SMSTS (Site Management Safety Training Scheme).
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25 February 2016

The Benefits of Attending an SSSTS Course

With just two days of training for SSSTS (Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme) site supervisory staff will obtain a nationally recognised certification and essential knowledge that will allow them to effectively preserve site safety.
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30 December 2015

How SMSTS Training Can Help YOU

If you’ve recently found yourself in the position to pursue, or have accepted, a management position in the construction industry, you may have been asked to attend an SMSTS training course – but is SMSTS training really for you?
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27 December 2015

Guaranteed Pass Scheme for SSSTS London Courses

Whether you’re looking to attend a London based Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme course (SSSTS) or need staff to attend this essential training, then it’s definitely worth considering RISK Training guaranteed pass courses.
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25 November 2015

Qualified with SSSTS… What Next?

After achieving your CITB Site Safety Plus certificate following your training at RISKS’s SSSTS London based course, you may want to consider what’s next in your career development?
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24 November 2015

Can SSSTS Training Improve my Business?

Choosing the right training course for supervisory staff can be a challenge when you’re a small to medium construction business dealing with limited training budgets…but RISK has the answer you’re looking for.
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31 October 2015

SMSTS or SSSTS; Which is Right For You?

If you have a responsibility in health and safety or are looking to gain a promotion to a Site Management position, then you may be considering attending a SSSTS or SMSTS Course, but which is the best option for you?
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27 October 2015

London Incidents Significantly Lower Says HSE Report

The new HSE report shows that London incidents are significantly lower than average to other regions. RISK are keen to help continue that trend by encouraging London employers to continue with valuable Health and Safety Training.
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1 October 2015

Four Reasons Why SMSTS Training is for YOU

If you’re already SSSTS qualified or have a management role in the construction industry, you may be considering attending an SMSTS Training course - but is SMSTS training worth the effort?
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4 August 2015

NEBOSH Course Provider Receives 100% Pass Rate

With consistently high pass rates for their NEBOSH London based training courses, you can be sure that RISK Health and Safety will provide you with one of the best courses to obtain a NEBOSH qualification.
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29 March 2015

Moving on with NEBOSH… or IOSH?

It’s a question that many who are serious about their future in health and safety consider – “should I obtain NEBOSH certificates or IOSH Certificates?” Which is right for your role?
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28 February 2015

Building on your NEBOSH Training

With many employers requested NEBOSH qualifications as a prerequisite for new health and safety roles, your decision to attend your first NEBOSH Liverpool training course is only the start
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22 February 2015

SSSTS Training: An Overview and Benefits

The Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme ensures that relevant personnel obtain a nationally recognised certification and essential knowledge that will allow them to effectively preserve site safety.
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19 April 2012

SMSTS Training Course teaches old dog new tricks!

“I realised just what I didn't know in relation to construction site safety” Even if you are an old hand in the construction industry, the pace of health and safety changes within the sector is probably amongst the most dynamic of any industry.
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