Re-sitting just the SMSTS Refresher exam

Within the new criteria set by CITB, you only get two chances to pass the exam. If you fail on two consecutive attempts, then you must re-sit the whole two day SMSTS Refresher course again (if your SMSTS Certificate is within date).


Option 1: Re-sitting the SMSTS Refresher exam FREE on the day

Delegate papers are marked immediately after the exam is complete. Once all delegates scores are accounted for, any delegate who has failed to pass but has a score of 69% or higher, is offered an immediate re-sit FREE of any CITB SMSTS exam fees. Then the ‘re-sit group’ recieve a ‘one-to-one’ session with the trainer to explain their individual fails and are provided with tips on how to perform better in the re-sit. The exam process is repeated (with a different exam paper) and the 're-take' marks are issued as soon as marking is complete - again all on the same day.


Option 2: SMSTS Refesher exam re-sits within 90 days at a cost of £50.00+vat

Delegates can just return for the exam or resit the course again. Your exam re-sit will need to be under the same exam conditions - which means you will have much more flexibility - and a variety of dates and venues for the re-sit will be available to you. However the new CITB regulations stipulate a second exam must be re-sat within a 90 day period of the initial exam. Should this not happen, you will need to re-take the entire five day SMSTS training course to qualify. You will not be eligible for the RISK SMSTS Refresher Guaranteed Pass Scheme if you fail to retake within the 90 days.

Your CITB SMSTS Certificate MUST be in date for the interim period of the retake

If you have 3-6 months on your CITB SMSTS Certificate then the retake can take place - and your RISK Guaranteed Pass remains valid should you fail to pass at your second attempt. This means you could possibly rebook the CITB SMSTS Refresher Course under the RISK Guaranteed Pass Scheme a further two times whilst your certificate remains valid.

What happens if your CITB SMSTS Certificate is about to expire in the next few weeks?

In the event of your CITB Certificate being on the verge of expiry, RISK would need to request an extension to your Certificate, however this means you only get one more shot at passing the SMSTS Refresher exam. Under CITB rules, if you fail to pass whilst operating under an extended certificate, you must resit the whole 5 day SMSTS course again. This means your 'SMSTS Refresher Course' Guaranteed Pass cannot be executed.