SSSTS Refresher Delegate, Course & Exam Criteria

January 2018 CITB released significant changes to the Site Safety Plus courses and Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E). These CITB changes impact the delegate requirements, course standards and exam criteria for the RISK SSSTS Refesher Guaranteed Pass Scheme in three core areas:


#1 - CITB Pre-course SSSTS Refresher Delegate Assessment Criteria

SSSTS Refresher delegates must have the...

  • physical ability
  • communication skills
  • literacy
  • numeracy
  • and the required experience and skills ensure they are competent to attend and complete the SSSTS refresher course. Each delegate must also present their original CITB SSSTS Certificate before commencement of the course.


CITB request the Approved Training Organisation (ATO) conduct a pre-assessment of the delegate.

The criteria for this is set out above, however, as 'SSSTS Refresher' delegates have already passed the SSSTS two day course there is a degree of assumption this criteria is met. However, the new standards are to identify and expose any weakness in the delegates current knowledge - so this aspect of the new changes potentailly has greater impact on SSSTS Refresher Courses.

Because delegates may be booked directly on to SSSTS Refresher courses via a training manager, it's difficult to control or apply fairly and consistently pre-course.

Which is why RISK have developed a process which incorporates an initial induction paper which acts to perform the ‘pre-course’ assessment and highlight the relevant details of the SSSTS Refresher Guaranteed Pass Scheme. The specific criteria of the SSSTS Refresher course and what’s expected of the delegate in relation to learning the materials, together with T&C’s of the RISK Guaranteed Pass Scheme – are all clearly set out within this short pre-course induction.


#2 - CITB SSSTS Refresher Course Requirements

  • Current SSSTS credentials must be within the allowed period and not expired.
  • The SSSTS Refresher Course must be taught in English.
  • All delegates must present photographic ID on the day of the SSSTS course exam. (Driving License, Passport or other official photographic ID will be accepted). Failure to present on the day of your exam will mean you will not be able to sit the exam and your SSSTS Refresher Guaranteed Pass Scheme is becomes invalid).


#3 - CITB SSSTS Refresher Exam Requirements

Delegates are allocated 30 minutes to complete the exam, consisting of:

    22 multiple choice questions including 5 safety critical questions which must all be answered correctly to pass
    3 written answer questions
    Only offered if delegate has failed initial exam but achieved 67% or greater.


Immediately upon completion of the SSSTS refresher exam, the RISK tutor marks all the delegates exam papers. If a delegate wishes to take up the CITB offer of an immediate 're-sit' FREE (with a different exam paper)**. They will be requested to wait for their mark and if they should have failed - they will be able to re-sit the exam that same afternoon.

View the full details on re-sitting just the SSSTS Refresher exam.


**The delegate MUST have achieved a result of at least 67% - If the delegate has a result of less than 67% CITB stipulate the delegate must undertake the 2 day course again, (providing their SSSTS certificate has not expired) they can do this under the RISK Guaranteed Pass Scheme at a Admin/Registration cost of  £50.00 + VAT – this would count as the second of their 3 Strikes.


Important Notice: If the delegate fails twice, or fails to complete their re-sit within 90 days of their original exam date, they will need to re-take the whole five day SSSTS course. Failure to re-sit within 90 days of their original exam date will invalidate SSSTS Refresher Guaranteed Pass Scheme.

View the full details on re-sitting the SSSTS Refresher Course and exam.