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Based at London Waterloo, it's probably the most accessible location for CITB courses in the capital. Guaranteed pass, plus your money back if it's not the best value.

CITB Courses London

Union Jack Club
Sandell St

  • Opposite Waterloo Railway Station
  • Numerous hotels within close proximity


SSSTS Refresher Training Courses by RISK

The SSSTS refresher course is intended for those who have a current SSSTS certificate. It provides supervisors with an update of health, safety, welfare and environmental legislation, as well as their legal responsibilities relevant to their work activities.

This SSSTS Refresher course provides you with an update on the latest health and safety legislation and best practice methods for the current site safety regulations. Even if you didn't take your original SSSTS training course with RISK - you can take your SSSTS Refresher course with us. You will benefit from the ongoing FREE support and helpline which is exclusive to RISK SSSTS Refresher course delegates.