RISK provide a range of ELCAS approved NEBOSH courses including our unique 'NEBOSH Fast Track' programme. RISK Health & Safety is proud to be an approved and registered provider of ELCAS courses. (Centre No: 1879 - with a 94% approval rating)

     ELCAS Centre No: 6447 RISK is approved and registered provider of ELCAS courses


ELCAS Approved NEBOSH Courses

The NEBOSH courses can be delivered anywhere in th e UK as an 'in company course' or at key locations including London and Nottingham for our 'open' NEBOSH courses.

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NEBOSH General Certificate

To enable people to manage workplace health and safety risks effectively.  In low risk environments, a NEBOSH General Certificate will provide sufficient understanding of fundamental health and safety risks and methods of applying health and safety law. It's the most widely held health & safety qualification in the UK

NEBOSH General Certificate Courses in London and Nottingham


NEBOSH Construction Certificate

This qualification incorporates the NEBOSH General Certificate, but with additional elements to enable management of building and construction site health and safety risks effectively. It’s an ideal foundation training for individuals looking to develop a broad understanding of the management of health and safety risks, within construction.

NEBOSH Construction Certificate Courses in London and Nottingham


NEBOSH Fire Certificate

NEBOSH Fire Certificate will enable individuals to conduct and review workplace fire risk assessments and to make recommendations for protective and preventative methods of fire protection in the workplace. It’s typically a mandatory requirement for managers and supervisory staff who need to ensure that their organisation meets its responsibilities under fire safety legislation.

NEBOSH Fire Certificate Courses in London and Nottingham


NEBOSH Environmental Certificate

Introduces the fundamentals of occupational health and safety; providing a foundation in environmental management.  Beneficial to any UK based business it covers UK environmental laws and standardised management methods such as ISO 14001

NEBOSH Fire Environmental Courses in London and Nottingham

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