NEBOSH Courses In Company

NEBOSH Courses In Company

Running an in-house NEBOSH General Certificate course for a group of your employees with one of the UK's preferred health & safety training providers makes great financial sense. This is because RISK consistently achieve higher than the national average pass rate for NEBOSH exams.


Leicestershire County Council, Highways & Transportation delegates, 100% Pass for the in-house delivery of NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction Health and Safety – with five distinctions, five credits & two passes. 

In-house NEBOSH schedules tailored to your requirements

If you have seasonal peaks and quiet periods, you can take advantage of these quiet times to run your in-house NEBOSH programme. It means your people have the flexibility and 'head space' within their working schedules, and you are maximising their least productive time.

In-house NEBOSH lesson frequency designed to fit your timeframes

NEBOSH certificated qualifications are some of the most difficult workplace qualifications to achieve. It requires students to grasp the complexities of civil and criminal law in relation to health and safety, which requires a significant amount of learning. Depending on the mix of your people, their academic backgrounds and familiarity with studying, means the frequency of lessons can be designed around them - to give them the best possible chance of achieving their full potential.

RISK are recognised as achieving the highest pass NEBOSH rates

Teresa Hawkins, NEBOSH Director of Assessment (left) presenting Heather Jordan, who achieved a score of 227 in her NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction Health and Safety exam. This score is the highest pass of any NEBOSH delegate within the academic year  - Teresa was also presented with the RISK NEBOSH student of the Year Award.

RISK help you select the most appropriate NEBOSH 'in company' programme

Because RISK also provide site audits and health and safety consultancy services, it means we have a 'real world grasp' of the challenges your business faces. As one of the UK's highest achievers when it comes to NEBOSH students passing their exams, we understand what it takes to motivate, encourage and educate your people. This unique mix enables us to help you design the most effective programme relevant to your industry and business needs.

RISK help you schedule and design the NEBOSH 'in company' lesson frequency

Given we can help you choose the most suitable NEBOSH course relevant to your industry and business needs, plus our understanding of the different learning styles, and our ability to profile your 'people mix' means we can help you design the frequency of courses, to ensure everyone sitting has the best chance of passing, no matter how diverse the group capabilities.

NEBOSH General Certificate online syllabus
NEBOSH Construction Certificate online syllabus
NEBOSH Fire Certificate online syllabus
NEBOSH Environmental Certificate online syllabus


RISK NEBOSH exam results speak for themselves

The NEBOSH exams are tough, far better to pass first time than to waste time re-sitting - see our NEBOSH pass rates here

If your business is considering a NEBOSH, IOSH or CITB Health & Safety Training Programme In-House, with trainers who do the job, not just teach it - Call us on 01623 749 718 during office hours or

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