NEBOSH Personal Learning Zone

The RISK Personal Learning Zone portal is designed to enhance your NEBOSH Certificate learning experience and provides a clear study framework, interactive learning checks, access to past exams and realistic scenarios to test your knowledge.

Unique to RISK and focused on your specific NEBOSH course

Every training provider will tell you their materials are best, but we honestly believe we have the leading support materials to help you get the most from your training with us.

The idea is you can get started as soon as your course joining instructions hit your 'inbox' - because all of the course materials are made immediately available to you.

It provides a unique combination of highly effective support tools, structured learning frameworks and practical revision exercises.

NEBOSH Certificate pre-course preparation information pack – your course warm up!

NEBOSH Certificate Open Book Exam course framework - makes learning easy!

NEBOSH Certificate course revision tools – 24/7 support up to your exam!


A learning framework and roadmap specific to the NEBOSH course(s) you’ve booked.

The portal is available for the following NEBOSH Certificate courses:

NEBOSH General Certificate virtual online courses

NEBOSH Construction Certificate virtual online courses

NEBOSH Fire Certificate virtual online courses

NEBOSH Environmental Certificate virtual online courses

You'll also have a personalised study timetable, which breaks down the course into the timescales of how it is to be taught. This means you can be fully up to speed with the course content, so you can relax, and can focus on the taking in the learnings from the experienced tutor during the virtual classroom sessions.

The 'Personal Learning Zone' provides 24/7 access from your favourite device

Although we wouldn't recommend using an iPhone for your virtual classroom attendance, the Personal Learning Zone is fully responsive and gives you access to everything you need to pass 'on the go' - which means anytime you have a few spare minutes you could access the extra support features to help you along with your learning.


The Personal Learning Zone - giving you an edge!

The Personal Learning Zone has received tremendous feedback and is designed to set out the ‘learning journey’ in a quick and easy format to understand. It provides a unique combination of highly effective support tools, structured learning frameworks and practical revision exercises.

Pictured: Mike Adams, Managing Director of RISK and lead NEBOSH trainer


NEBOSH tutor led remote online courses

RISK was established in 1997 and has since been delivering NEBOSH Certificate training courses with a focus on expert knowledge and high-quality training materials, so all delegates gain the best outcome possible.

RISK were the first company in the World to deliver and book delegates on the new NEBOSH General Certificate Open Book Exam Courses.

RISK is an award winning organisation with highly experienced NEBOSH training providers.

Their support team are on hand to guide you through the process of remote tutor led learning.

NEBOSH Certificate courses are delivered by an experienced team of trainers who can also provide ‘in-company’ training courses if required. Course attendees are provided with online learning resources, books and study materials at no extra cost, via the NEBOSH Personal Learning Zone.

Successful - Our pass rates are, and have been over many years, higher than the national average pass rate.

Practical - We always provide up-to-date teaching, with applicable and useful case studies.

Relevant - We ensure that course materials are immediately usable with workplace specific subject matters.


RISK learner support prior, during and after your NEBOSH certificate course


The RISK team are there for you, whether it's out of hours support or simply a chat before committing to book on a course. If you find the NEBOSH Certificate courses a little confusing, or simply want to discuss the implications or remote online tutor led learning for a greater understanding -  please call us on 01623 749718 or out of office hours call Val on 07967 826094.

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