NEBOSH Exam Pass Rates

NEBOSH National exam pass rates evidence you are more likely to pass with RISK Health & Safety Training. Whether you are on an open NEBOSH course or in-house company delivered, RISK exam pass rate is higher than the national average.

NEBOSH exam pass rates speak for themselves

Fast Track NEBOSH Course format is unique RISK Health and Safety Training.

The evidence speaks for itself, reviewing a 12 month period of NEBOSH exam results, you are more likely to pass if you take the unique RISK Fast Track NEBOSH course.


The NEBOSH exams are tough, far better to pass first time than to waste time re-sitting. The figures below prove you are more likely to pass with RISK.


RISK NEBOSH Exam Results v National Average

September 2018 - August 2019*

RISK Results* 57% 83% 97% 84% 96%
Annual National Average* 52% 74% 84% 74%



August 2017 - July 2018*

RISK Results* 62% 82% 97% 78% 81%
Annual National Average* 55% 65% 85% 61%



August 2016 - July 2017*

RISK Results* 56% 84% 97% 77% 95%
Annual National Average* 51% 68% 85% 75% 79%


December 2015 - September 2016*

RISK Results* 72% 85% 99% 80% 94%
Annual National Average* 47% 57% 85% 76% 82%


Why do a greater percentage delegates pass NEBOSH with RISK?

Most people find it difficult to learn the subject, then have a period before their exam, then cram by reading through reams of notes - the results back this up.


The unique RISK Fast Track NEBOSH courses enables you to immerse yourself in the subject matter and take an exam while your knowledge on the subject matter is fresh and undiluted.

You learn in a block week and take the exam immediately after the learning

Each course is designed to deliver the information in a realistic and relevant format. Then rather than having to retain the information and remember how to answer exam questions months later - you get an intensive revision session explaining 'how the information needs to be answered for the examiner - then take your NEBOSH exam in that afternoon.

NEBOSH examiners common pitfalls sight;  “Some candidates fail to answer the question set and instead provide information that may be relevant to the topic but is irrelevant to the question and cannot therefore be awarded marks.”


NEBOSH Fast Track means you take the exam when the knowledge is fresh in your mind

RISK operate in a unique learning focused approach to deliver 'Fast Track NEBOSH Courses.'  Designed around the needs of the individual, they operate in subject focused modules. As the first training provider to adopt this unique, learner focused modular system, RISK provide you with greater flexibility for studies and the exam process.

Learn more about the unique RISK Fast Track format for the NEBOSH qualification you need?

RISK provide a range of NEBOSH courses which are fully accredited by the National Examining Board of Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH). The NEBOSH courses can be delivered anywhere in the UK as an 'in company course' or at key locations for our 'open' NEBOSH courses.

RISK Pass Support Scheme for your RISK NEBOSH Course

With NEBOSH courses running every month in key locations across the UK or at your premises, RISK guarantee you will not find better value, after course support or a more 'real world' health and safety training provider.

  •     Our trainers also do the job in the real world, not just teach it a classroom
  •     RISK are a training course provider and not a broker
  •     Support for you when you need it not just when you are spending

Because we are a direct training provider and not a broker, we can provide you with a Pass Support Scheme for your NEBOSH Course. This means we aren't making a quick mark-up on the sale of a training place but are responsible for the quality of your knowledge after you have taken the course.


We guarantee to support, train, coach and mentor you until you pass

RISK is committed to providing the highest level of training to all its delegates.  So much so that we will guarantee to continue to support you until you have passed the NEBOSH course booked with us - and beyond.

  • Support for you when you need it not just when you are spending
  • Providing you with health and safety support, the latest legislation and compliance
  • By booking your training with RISK, you can be sure that you are booking direct with a high-quality, experienced training provider.


View the T&C's of our NEBOSH Courses Pass Support Scheme