NEBOSH Open Book Exam Courses

RISK has invested in creating a daily learning framework to compliment the video conferencing delivery of NEBOSH Certificate Courses.

RISK and Safety Management Services Limited received support from D2N2 Growth Hub and the Business Investment Fund Grant Programme to produce this portal. This programme offers funded grants for Digital Technology, Specialist Consultancy and Equipment, which is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.


NEBOSH Personal Learning Zone is unique to RISK

RISK has a unique approach to teaching the new NEBOSH Open Book Exam Courses – one reason for this is their NEBOSH Portal Learning Zone. RISK has consistently recorded higher than national average NEBOSH exam pass rates over the past decade.


NEBOSH Personal Learning Zone and the New Open Book Format

The NEBOSH Personal Learning Zone is unique to RISK and has received tremendous feedback. It’s designed to set out the ‘learning journey’ in a quick and easy format to understand. It provides a unique combination of highly effective support tools, structured learning frameworks and practical revision exercises.


NEBOSH Open book examination learner guide

Take a look at the digital e-flip brochure released by NEBOSH to explain hoiw the Open Book exam works, how it is monitored, etc.

NEBOSH General Certificate Open Book

To achieve the NEBOSH General Certificate you need both the NG1 module and the NG2 module. You can only take your NG2 after having first taken the NG1 remote course and after sitting the NEBOSH General Certificate open book exam.

NEBOSH National General Certificate (NG1) Open Book Exam 

The National General Certificate course has been totally reimagined by NEBOSH and is now more practically focused, with the module NG1 focused on specific, realistic scenarios. With delegates now able to access online resources and support information during the 24 hour window of the open book exam; the learning framework and support materials provided by RISK needed to reflect the new challenges faced by delegates.

NEBOSH National General Certificate (NG1) Open Book Exam Remote Courses


NEBOSH General Certificate NG2 Practical Risk Assessment and Written Report

The NG2 course needs to be completed within 5 years of taking the NG1 exam. NG2 course content is designed to focus your thinking into applying the knowledge gained from the NG1 course into creating a practical Risk Assessment and Written Report. Only when you have passed both modules will you have the full NEBOSH General Certificate qualification.

NEBOSH National General Certificate (NG2) Open Book Exam Remote Courses


NEBOSH to deliver more open book exams

A phased roll-out will see other qualifications follow the NEBOSH NG1 and NEBOSH NG2. With in-person assessments likely to be replaced by alternatives that will continue to provide the rigour and recognition people expect from a NEBOSH qualification.



NEBOSH pre-course preparation information pack – your course warm up!

NEBOSH Open Book delegates get super levels of support for the learning experience. NEBOSH Open Book pre-course preparation information pack explains the new ‘Open Book’ processes for the modules your taking. It provides tips on what you need to do to get the best possible learning experience. Plus it explains how and why RISK carry out pre-course technology tests to ensure you get set-up correctly before the course starts.


NEBOSH Open Book Exam Course Framework - makes learning easy!

There is a lot of information contained within the NEBOSH modules, so RISK has carefully created a course framework for each. This includes each days slides and learning objectives; interactive learning exercises; revision notes and scenarios similar to the new format. Each day develops your learning and provides a practical learning skills test. It's designed to give you an insight into the NEBOSH remote portal, where you’ll be required to register to complete your open book exam.


NEBOSH Course Revision Tools – 24/7 support up to your exam!

Your NEBOSH Open Book module is delivered over a set number of days where you’ll participate in a video conference remotely delivered course. Your NEBOSH Personal Learning Zone remains available up until your module exam is submitted. So you can continue to use the tools, structured notes, scenarios and mock exam questions right up until your exam or report submission.



Preparing for your NEBOSH Open Book Exam Course

A quick guide to preparing your home working environment for the NEBOSH open book courses and your open book exam. This means being set-up for video conferencing and having a space for your enhanced concentration and focus.


How to prepare for NEBOSH remote online courses and open book exams

The sudden transition to remote working, and in some cases remote learning has thrown up some unexpected challenges. So here we’re going to set out some tips on how to prepare for taking a course remotely online via video conferencing. These tips will help especially help you with the open book exam.


Technology challenges

These fall into two key areas, the ‘hardware’ you possess and connectivity to the Internet.

Hardware: This is your computer and its functional features, like does it have a web cam and microphone? Do you have multiple screens or just one small laptop display? Is it capable of running the video conferencing software? Does it have the latest updates? It may be time to upgrade as home working and flexibility are probably going to be the watch words of the next few years.

Connectivity to the Internet: If you haven’t got good internet connectivity, you may need to upgrade your package. However, if you have a smart TV, Netflix or similar, then you most likely have what’s needed. One thing you do need to be careful about is other people using the internet and streaming or downloading when you’re on your course. Or even worse, taking your exam!


Focus Challenges

This is really about ensuring you have the right environment, which is a mixture of comfort and location.

Comfort: You’re likely to be sat at your desk for long durations, maybe more than you’d usually be sat at a computer. So make sure you have a proper desk and seat, rather than a makeshift area to work from. Office chairs are designed specifically to provide the right support and desks are at the correct height – so the two work together.

Location – working without interruption or distraction: You’re on a course with nine others in most cases, so if you get distracted, the likelihood is you’ve missed something you need to know. There will be comfort breaks and discussion, which the trainer will control, but you need to be mentally focused on the task in hand. This is especially true when taking the course assessment – distraction at this point could be the difference between a pass and fail.

So make sure you have a great space to work, where you can get the internet access speeds you need. Test this prior to the course starting – ideally days before, so you have time to get things sorted out if need be.