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18 August 2019

How to become a construction site safety manager

Like many industrial environments, construction sites can be dangerous places. Heavy equipment, machinery and vehicles, hazardous materials, dust, confined space working and manual handling all pose major risks to the safety of workers and site visitors.
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7 June 2019

What jobs can I do after getting a NEBOSH qualification?

NEBOSH is one of the most respected and sought after qualifications for employers in the health and safety sector. This doesn’t mean to say the job prospects are limited to Health and Safety. 70% of people taking the NEBOSH Certificates are working in a b
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18 April 2019

Pros and Cons of NEBOSH

Having delivered NEBOSH courses for a couple of decades, we thought we would share what we feel are the pros and cons of the NEBOSH qualification. So if you are thinking about which path to take for your career, personal development or both
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28 January 2019


If you are thinking of progressing with a career in Health & Safety, you need to understand the options of qualifications and their impact on your future choices.
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16 November 2018

NEBOSH Results 2018

The NEBOSH results RISK have achieved since the introduction of the NEBOSH Fast Track programme in 2015 have been outstanding – and the NEBOSH Results for 2018 continue to out-perform the National Average.
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16 February 2018

Innovation in NEBOSH health & safety training

The NEBOSH General Certificate is renowned as being one of the most difficult qualifications to achieve as a health and safety practitioner, so how does a small business in Nottingham lead the way in this highly competitive sector?
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11 November 2017

RISK NEBOSH Student of the Year Award

Teresa Hawkins, NEBOSH Director of Assessment presenting Heather Jordan with the RISK NEBOSH student of the Year Award upon achieving 227 in her NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction Health and Safety exam.
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10 November 2017

In-house Nebosh Delivery Achieves Remarkable Results

Ann Curruthers Director of Highways & Transportation at Leicestershire County Council, congratulates 12 employees who all passed their NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction Health and Safety exam – with five distinctions, five credits & two passes.
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13 January 2017

The Benefits of the Fast Track NEBOSH General Certificate

If you’re studying while working full-time, it’s probably not the most effective way to learn. You can shut yourself away from the outside world and work pressures for a one-week intensive learning experience. The Nebosh General Certificate course runs vi
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9 October 2016

Join our Next 100% Pass Rate for NEBOSH

RISK Training are once again celebrating their latest qualification results for NEBOSH London, Liverpool and Glasgow courses with pass rates recognised as higher than the national average.
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24 May 2016

Become TOP DOG in Health and Safety

With demand for Health and Safety consultants continuing to grow in the UK, isn’t it time that YOUR health and safety knowledge earnt you a place as top dog in the industry?
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23 May 2016

Should I Get a NEBOSH General Certificate?

If you’ve recently become aware of the requirements to hold a relevant health and safety qualification for a new job role, then you may be asking the question: Is it worth getting a NEBOSH General Certificate?
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10 December 2015

Quantity Surveyor Reviews RISK Training Methods

When looking at the credibility of health and safety training providers, it’s important to consider the thoughts of those that use the service, such as the testimonial of one of our recent successful students.
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31 October 2015

Essential Skills for All Health and Safety Roles

When it comes to ensuring your business meets Health and Safety legislation, you can’t go wrong with the UK’s most popular and recognised qualification available through RISK Health and Safety training courses.
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6 October 2015

Following up on your SSSTS Certificate

You may be considering what’s next for your continued professional development following your CITB Site Safety Plus certificate; here at RISK we’ve put together some options.
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5 September 2015

The Business Benefits of SSSTS Training

RISK Training’s SSSTS London Courses are an ideal option, not just for smaller budgets but for all organisations due to value for money and a comprehensive, supportive learning package.
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20 August 2015

The Right Supervisory Skills with the Right Course

With the health and safety issues that come from working in the construction industry it’s important for all Construction businesses to determine if their Site Supervisors hold the relevant skills to carry out risk assessments and implement control measur
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25 February 2015

Safer Sites with SMSTS Training

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries for health and safety, especially on site. So protect your staff by ensuring their supervisors have appropriate training.
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22 August 2013

Find out what BWML have to say about our NEBOSH Courses...

"RISK carried out full audits of all health, safety & welfare systems at all our sites. The reports were of high quality and tailored specifically to our business circumstances and were presented in a clear and professional manner. The action plans were w
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22 August 2013

Find out what Defra have to say about our NEBOSH Courses...

"Risk and Safety Management got to the heart of our organisation with a quick and effective review of our safety management systems which has helped us to re-focus our efforts. In a separate piece of work they worked closely with us to provide meaningful
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