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Leading health and safety at work

Whether you are a director of a large organisation or small business, your obligations to health and safety are binding. Get it wrong and the best outcome could be the company bears the cost of an HSE intervention, and possibly a fine. Worst case scenario is that you would be prosecuted personally and could face a significant custodial sentence.

A guide to help you understand your responsibilities

RISK has produced a guide and a series of articles outlining the obligations on directors, board members, business owners and organisations of all sizes. It provides the knowledge to demonstrate good safety leadership and enables board members, directors and senior management to understand current health and safety legislation as well as the accountability for the organisation, and as individuals.

The essential principles of health and safety

Health and safety is an essential part of organisational strategy, decision-making processes and supply chain management. This means strong and active leadership from the top down, making your health and safety visible, and demonstrating active commitment within business decisions.


Health and safety responsibilities of board members and business owners


Health and safety responsibilities of a Managing Director


Health and safety responsibilities if you’re a Director specifically responsible for Health and Safety


Health and safety responsibilities of Managers and Heads of Department


Health and safety responsibilities of a Safety Manager


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