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How much does the NEBOSH General Certificate cost?

NEBOSH is an essential qualification for all health and safety professionals, but how much does the NEBOSH General Certificate cost to attain?

Well, at RISK, we offer dedicated training in the modules required to hold a full NEBOSH General Certificate. Fast-track, six day courses for each module are delivered at our training centres in Nottingham, London, Edinburgh and Liverpool. The price for NGC1 & GC2 modules is £799 +VAT and in order to gain the full certificate, all modules must be completed within five years of each other.

What is the NEBOSH General Certificate?

NEBOSH is designed to enable people to manage workplace health and safety risks effectively. In low-risk environments, a NEBOSH General Certificate provides sufficient understanding of fundamental health and safety issues and how to ensure the business complies with relevant laws and regulations.

Each module we offer covers a different aspect of the NEBOSH General Certificate Syllabus.

NGC1 module – the Management of Health and Safety

Module one forms the basis for the qualification and covers the following topics:

  • Legal requirements for health and safety at work
  • Implementation of health and safety management systems
  • Practical application of knowledge and understanding

RISKs’ unique fast-track NEBOSH course enables delegates to fully immerse themselves in the subject matter over a five-day block course. On the sixth day, delegates return to the RISK training centre for a morning of intensive revision, followed by a written exam.

GC2 module – Controlling Workplace Hazards

GC2 forms the second element of the NEBOSH General Certificate, covering elements including:

  • Identification of workplace hazards
  • Methods of hazard control for such things as - Movement of people and vehicles, manual and mechanical handling, work equipment, electricity, fire, chemical and biological hazards, physical and psychological health hazards and construction activities.

It again runs over a five-day block, with a sixth day of revision and exams.

GC3 module – Health and Safety Practical Application

GC3 demonstrates the practical application of learning gained in modules one and two. It is a workplace-based practical assessment, which involves carrying out a health and safety inspection of a workplace.

On completion, delegates must produce a written management report identifying hazards, controls and recommendations. The process of writing this report is covered during other NEBOSH modules.

GC3 is undertaken once other modules have been completed, (the cost of the GC3 is incorporated into the taught modules). Please note that modules do not have to be completed in order.

All RISK NEBOSH training courses are covered by our unique ‘Guaranteed Pass’ scheme. To find out more, find a course near you and to book your place now.

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