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NEBOSH portal gives students an edge

RISK & Safety Management Services has a history of achieving higher pass rates than the national average and has won awards based upon their unique blend of technology, teaching and innovative course format. With the introduction of an online portal, RISK NEBOSH delegates will now get additional e-learning support at no extra cost.

Blended NEBOSH Certificate Courses

NEBOSH Certificate courses are tough, in a classroom you get much more support because you are embedded with people in the same situation and the teaching is amplified by the questions and different perspectives of your fellow delegates. RISK have always provided 'out of hours tutor support' but now we have gone one step further with online NEBOSH e-learning homework modules.

NEBOSH online modules to help delegates retain more and learn faster

The aim of our blended learning is to maximise the best of face-to-face and online tuition. The advantage of using a blended 'learning' approach (i.e. online and classroom) is that classroom time can be used to engage delegates by explaining, discussing, responding to and clarifying questions. Helping our delegates understand what they have viewed and listened to at a deeper level. Then supporting online activities and assessments can be completed in the delegates own time to ensure the learning is embedded.

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