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Lord Nelson's Flagship hosts Trafalgar Anniversary Night

In celebration of RISK achieving two prestigious business awards against all the odds, it seemed fitting to take part in the Trafalgar Anniversary Night on board HMS Victory.

Double Victory in East Midlands Business Awards for RISK

In the RISK & Safety Management Services tradition of celebration and support of military based charities, Mike Adams, Managing Director hosted a table on the Gun Deck of Lord Nelson's Flagship to mark his famous victory at Trafalgar exactly two hundred and fourteen years ago. Guests of RISK were Steve and Kathy Megson who helped RISK achieve their double victory through the websites and business applications created by their company Quiet Storm.

What can businesses learn from Nelson?

A superb tactician and a fearless and determined commander, but he was above all a man of faith, duty and deep concern for the welfare of everyone in his fleet. Much has been talked about Nelson’s public, private and professional life but there has been not so much exploration of his special leadership approach. Nelson served in a profession where he had to make true life-and-death decisions, in an environment that makes most business challenges seem embarrassingly mild by comparison. One of the most important roles of leaders is to help their teams simplify, to allow people to focus on what is most important.

  1. Know your business
  2. Don’t ask your team to do anything you wouldn’t do yourself
  3. Trust your team
  4. Give away the credit; shoulder the blame
  5. Champion, and care for, your people
  6. Share your strategic thinking but encourage initiative
  7. Have the courage to do what we think is right

The Battle of Trafalgar was to witness both the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte’s plans to invade Britain, and the death of Admiral Lord Nelson. Success at Trafalgar was by no means a foregone conclusion. The British Fleet under the command of Lord Nelson, faced a formidable enemy, but battles are seldom decided by statistics. It was the qualities of the leadership and comradeship which he gave to the Royal Navy in the years leading up to his final battle that made all the difference. It's the same in business, and any business leader could learn a lot from understanding Nelsons approach in peace and war.

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