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CITB SMSTS & SSSTS Refresher Deadline

CITB SMSTS & SSSTS Qualifications Extended from 15 March 2020

CITB SMSTS & SSSTS Qualifications Extended from 15 March 2020

CITB has provided a statement on construction site managers and supervisors competency cards which have expired during the coronavirus outbreak. Any delegate whose CITB SMSTS / SSSTS achievement has expired since 15 March 2020 and who hasn't been able to renew in time due to COVID-19 will be allowed to take the refresher rather than the full course. This amendment will remain in place whilst the current COVID-19 situation continues and will be reviewed on a regular basis.


SMSTS, SSSTS and refresher courses delivered by zoom

Qualification awarding body CITB have made arrangements so people can continue to work during the pandemic. By adapting their SMSTS, SSSTS and refresher courses - they are helping the construction industry reboot. This remote delivery of training for SMSTS, SSSTS and refresher courses enables those with expired or expiring CITB SMSTS & SSSTS qualifications to take a refresher remotely.

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Due to the social distancing restrictions, the standard site manager and site supervisor courses and refreshers were suspended. These qualifications are essential because a construction site manager or supervisor needs a valid SMSTS or SSSTS to work. Construction companies need the respective qualified people to open a construction site, and qualifications need renewing every five years.

Mike Adams

Managing Director, RISK & Safety Management Services Ltd


Video conferencing to 10 delegates

CITB  worked quickly to respond the challenge of not being able to conventionally deliver SMSTS, SSSTS and the corresponding refresher courses. They worked with RISK and other ATO's to work out how the courses could possibly be delivered remotely online. The courses are normally limited to 20 delegates in a classroom, however this number was reduced to 10 for the video delivered version. There is an exam which is invigilated by the course tutor, papers collected and marked at the end of the course. A key area of responding to the changing requirements of the CITB, as they adapted to the crisis, was how would the exams be delivered.


SMSTS, SSSTS exams via online Microsoft Forms delivered the compliance required

RISK were tasked with recreating the exam papers using Microsoft Forms, which needed to be submitted for CITB approval. The process worked seamlessly with the invigilating via the video conferencing, proving sufficient. The ability for construction professionals to take the SMSTS and SSSTS courses, or renew their qualifications via the SMSTS Refresher or SSSTS Refresher has been an essential component of rebooting the construction industry as the lockdown measures and restrictions are eased.


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