How RISK reshaped to the COVID-19 Crisis

How RISK reshaped to the COVID-19 Crisis

I can't believe any business owner is sitting at home hoping things will return as they were. The World has changed forever, the Covid-19 pandemic impact continues to shake the global economy and disrupt the way we live, work, and conduct business.

Training was one of the hardest hit - but RISK quickly adapted

As with many other businesses, RISK closed their training venue doors, furloughed staff and wondered what the future held. Facing the fact that delivering classroom based training was unlikely to return anytime soon, the RISK management team set about focusing on what could be done. As an award winning training company, recognised for embracing the digital world, the team worked upon how the health and safety training was likely to change within the NEBOSH, IOSH and CITB portfolios.

How has the crisis have impacted upon customers expectations?

A digital toolkit supporting classroom based NEBOSH learners had already been launched and the feedback had been very positive. So when CITB announced they wanted ATO's to deliver their courses remotely, the team at RISK were ahead of the curve. However, the one unknown was how would the construction sector would respond to the online, digital transformation. The take up and feedback has been almost entirely positive, and I think as a result this training has changed forever. RISK certainly have. We're now lobbying for IOSH and NEBOSH to enable their courses to be more digitally configurable. Because, if there's one positive to come out of this, it's people have digitally unskilled to maintain contact with friends and family - and will expect more of the same when they return too work.

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