CITB decision to re-start Site Safety

CITB decision to re-start Site Safety

CITB has made the decision to re-start 'face-to-face' Site Safety plus training, however the remote online delivery will continue to run in parallel.

Training companies carry the risk of 'face-to-face training'

CITB gave the announcement on 1st of June, coupled with the guidance that any training centre wishing to recommence 'face-to-face' training courses do so at their own risk. This was reinforced by 'Training centres are solely responsible for ensuring that they comply with all health, safety and welfare Government issued guidelines in order to protect all tutors and delegates'.

Construction Health & Safety Professionals contacted prefer remote option

RISK have telephoned a number of Health & Safety Managers in the construction sector, to ask their opinion on returning to classroom based training. On the whole, the view was if the remote option is available, this is their preferred choice. As the government unwinds lockdown and try
to reboot the economy, it was felt by the majority questioned, that unnecessary travel and exposure to others was a risk too many at this point. The efficiency and success of the remote delivery of the Site Safety Plus courses is a much more flexible option.

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