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5 Benefits of NEBOSH General Certificate New Online Open Book Exam Format

NEBOSH General Certificate New Online Open Book Format has 5 key benefits over the previous NEBOSH General Certificate NG1 exam. Mike Adams explains what they are and how they benefit learners.

NEBOSH Open Book Exam

NEBOSH launched it's new open book exams for the NEBOSH General Certificate in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The first NEBOSH General Certificate NG1 course to be assessed by Open Book Exam took place on August 6th and via the NEBOSH Portal which provided delegate access for a 24 hour period starting at 9.00am British Summer Time.


Benefits of NEBOSH General Certificate New Online Open Book Exam Format:  

The study and examination journey for delegates studying the new NEBOSH General Certificate (NG1) with the Online Open Book Exam format has several advantages. Let’s review the benefits, before we take you through the NEBOSH General Certificate (NG1) Open Book Exam process.


Benefit #1 - NEBOSH General Certificate New Online Open Book Exam

Practical focus and 'Real World' questions - exam questions are scenario focused rather than academic questions on law, health & Safety, etc.

This should help delegates relate the knowledge gained during their NEBOSH General Certificate (NG1) to the practical application within a real life working environment. The exam is now less wrapped up in the often confusing language of academia, and in more real life, using day to day scenario's the learner will likely encounter. They have to apply the principles learnt during the NG1 module, and reference the correct health, safety and environmental practice and management process.


Benefit #2 - NEBOSH General Certificate New Online Open Book Exam

No longer Handwritten – no longer 'marked down' for illegible handwriting, answers are typed, but you must have access to the internet.

The National General Certificate NG1 was previously assessed by a written exam lasting 2 hours. This created a situation where even if the delegate had written down the right answer, if the examiner couldn't read it through illegible handwriting, it would not count. Ask yourself, when was the last time you had to write for 2 hours solid? So even if your handwriting is ok, by the end of the exam with the pressure of the clock running down, critical marks could be lost to illegibility.


Benefit #3 - NEBOSH General Certificate New Online Open Book Exam

Ability to research the answers - you don't have to remember chapter and verse (you can use the internet to research authoritative sources).

The ability to search credible references, like, to substantiate facts, protocol and precedents is how all professional Health and Safety Managers work in the real World. Sure, they need to know the basics, but when writing a report it's unlikely a Health and Safety professional wouldn't research the internet to ensure their findings and recommended actions are accurate and current.


Benefit #4 - NEBOSH General Certificate New Online Open Book Exam

24 Hours to complete – less 'exam pressure' as you have plenty of time to research and formulate answers.

One of the key differences of the new format NEBOSH General Certificate, is that the NG1 open book exam is now limited to specific dates. Which means this is set when selecting your course, so delegates need to ensure they are available for the relevant exam date. However, with a 24 hour window, delegates can choose to do the exam at a time to suit them. This flexibility provides time to research answers and removed the exam nerves and pressure to complete the estimated 2 hours it should take - putting the delegate in control.


Benefit #5 - NEBOSH General Certificate New Online Open Book Exam

Done in a place of your choosing - no travelling to take your exam, but you need good internet connectivity and the right environment.

Taking the old format exam was often stressful enough without having to travel halfway across the country to take it. The ability to take the exam where you choose takes another level of exam stress away from the delegate. Taking the NEBOSH General Certificate NG1 open book exam relies on you finding somewhere you can work without distraction, and with good internet connectivity. You can get up, walk around, have a break and go to the loo - it puts the delegate in control and I think these new changes are a huge step forward for NEBOSH.


NEBOSH General Certificate Courses AVAILABLE NOW:

NEBOSH General Certificate NG1 Module Remote Online Courses

NEBOSH General Certificate NG2 Module Remote Online Courses


Download the NEBOSH General Certificate Learner Guide for remote and online assessments

Produced by NEBOSH, this NEBOSH General Certificate Learner Guide provides further information about how the open book exams will work, as well as frequently asked questions.

[PDF] NEBOSH General Certificate Learner Guide

NEBOSH Open book examination learner guide

Guidance document for preparing for the new open book examination for NG1, IG1, NGC1 and IGC1 units.


The NEBOSH General Certificate NG1 Module must be completed prior to the NG2 Module

One other stipulation to bare in mind is that the NG1 Module must be completed prior to the NG2 Module, therefore, the modules run sequentially. The NG2 examination is base upon a written risk assessment / practical report which can be undertaken on any workplace accessible to the delegate. On completion the report is submitted for marking by NEBOSH.

If you find the new process a little confusing, or simply want to discuss the changes for a greater understanding please call us prior to booking on 01623 749718 or out of office hours call Val on 07967 826094.

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