CITB Remote Training Feedback

CITB Remote Training Feedback

The speed at which the CITB responded to the COVID-19 Crisis needs too be applauded. However, the resulting success of the emergency measures could not have been anticipated. 

Delegates and training companies were sceptical about remote training

The construction sector is notorious in it's adoption of new technology, however both trainers and delegates participating in the SMSTS and SSSTS courses were amazed at the ease in format change. RISK managing director Mike Adams feels this is a result of the forced change and the option to choose formats was no longer available. 

"The choice was simple, if we wanted to deliver CITB SSP training, this was the only option. We had to adapt, which meant rethinking how we delivered the courses. This has transformed the courses, as we've created additional learning tools and a robust framework to deliver the key course components. The results have been spectacular, with better delegate engagement, marks and results.” 

The feedback from delegates is equally positive

As first ATO to deliver the CITB SSP training remotely online, we evolved the courses after each delivery, taking onboard feedback from the delegates to make improvements. We're now at a point, where we feel they are better than the face-to-face version. The feedback from delegates supports this and Mark Webb of Retro UK Ltd sums it up nicely in his testimonial; I actually find it much better online as there are less distractions.

RE SMSTS refresher , I thought Mike handled the course superbly. My role as engineer occasionally involves helping out in a supervisory role and obviously the SMSTS certificate is important. Safety terminology can become confusing when not dealing with it regularly but the course was educational and informative. The course is quite intense with a lot to get through in two days but  Mike was nothing but helpful and supportive.

Paul Rose, Erection Manager, Caunton Engineering Limited

My Job roll is a project Manager for a Brickwork contractor in London and the course that I attended on Zoom was an experience as I’ve never done this sort of learning online. Never used Zoom before found that very easy to download and with your instruction each day wasn’t a problem.

Simon Franzosi, Contracts Manager, Chine Brickwork & Developments

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