First delegates to sit NEBOSH Open Book Exam

First delegates to sit NEBOSH Open Book Exam

RISK had over 40 delegates on the first ever NEBOSH open book exam for the National General Certificate NG1 module. With approximately 4000 students taking the new format open book exam, August 6th 2020 was a real milestone in both NEBOSH and RISK history.

National General Certificate NG1 module open book exam success

The National General Certificate NG1 module open book exam format was a result of the COVID-19 pandemic as a safety measure to enable delegates to get taught and take exams remotely. However, the remote delivery and new format open book exam has been recognised as a huge success by NEBOSH, training providers and most important of all, the delegates.

The learning experience and open book exam mirrors the real world

The overwhelming feedback is that the new course format is much more like the real world, with realistic scenarios and true to like tasks based upon them. With delegates able to use the internet during the exam to research key facts, protocol and case law precedents. It removes the need to handwrite for three hours solid and provides a 48 hour login window with 24 hours to access the exam paper, complete the questions and submit to the electronic exam paper.

After the NG1 module exam delegates are interviewed

A large focus is now placed upon the delegates ability to be questioned upon their exam paper submission answers. NEBOSH are clear on what constitutes plagiarism and it’s the responsibility of the trainer to test the subject matter entered to establish a good level of knowledge, references and how this was interpreted into their exam answers.  So if you copy sections, the chances are you’ll get found out when you are quizzed on the detail or related impact elsewhere in relation to the scenario.

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