Relaunch of NEBOSH Personal Learning Zone

Relaunch of NEBOSH Personal Learning Zone

As NEBOSH sets a course for more open book exams and remotely delivered courses, RISK has invested in creating a daily learning framework to complement the video conferencing delivery of the new format  NG1 and NG2 modules of the National General Certificate.

NEBOSH Personal Learning Zone and the New Open Book Format

The National General Certificate course has been totally reimagined by NEBOSH and is now more practically focused, with the module NG1 focused on specific, realistic scenarios. With delegates now able to access online resources and support information during the 24 hour window of the open book exam; the learning framework and support materials provided by RISK needed to reflect the new challenges faced by delegates.

Delegates get super levels of support for the learning experience

The NEBOSH Personal Learning Zone is unique to RISK and has received tremendous feedback. It’s possibly one of the reasons RISK have consistently delivered higher than the national average pass rates. Understanding the ‘learning journey’ has enabled RISK to create a unique combinations of helpful advice, structured learning frameworks and practical revision exercises.

Pre-course Preparation Information Pack – your course warm up!

This explains the new ‘Open Book’ processes for the modules you are taking. It provides tips on what you need to do to get the best possible learning experience. Plus it explains how and why RISK carry out pre-course technology tests to ensure you get set-up correctly before the course starts.

NEBOSH Personal Learning Zone Course Framework – structures your activities for efficiency

There is a lot of information contained within the NEBOSH modules, so the RISK have carefully created a Course Framework for each. This includes each days slides and learning objectives; interactive learning exercises; revision notes and scenarios similar to the new format. Each day develops your learning and provides a practical learning skills test, designed to give you an insight into the NEBOSH remote portal where you’ll be required to register to complete your open book.

NEBOSH Personal Learning Zone Revision Tools - 24/7 support up to your exam

Your NEBOSH module is delivered over a set number of days where you will participate in a video conference remotely delivered course. Your NEBOSH Personal Learning Zone remains available up until your module exam is submitted. So you can continue to use the tools, structured notes, scenarios and mock exam questions right up until your exam or report submission.

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