Digital upskilling in construction

Digital upskilling in construction

How CITB have capitalised on lockdown to unlock construction’s digital future.

SMSTS and SSSTS courses are just the start of the digital revolution

Digital technologies present a huge opportunity for the UK construction industry to improve productivity and attract a more diverse workforce. However, before the lockdown, it was difficult for the industry to move at the pace needed to digitally upskill its workforce.

The pandemic lockdown has accelerated digital adoption

Almost overnight the pandemic has driven the UK population to embrace digital opportunities to communicate differently and remotely. The UK construction industry and the CITB were quick to adapt to these changes. With the adaptation of SMSTS, SMSTS Refresher, SSSTS, SSSTS Refresher and Health & Safety Awareness to remote format courses and assessments utilising video conferencing. The combination of the lockdown and peoples desire to communicate has probably pushed the industry to adopt changes which were 5 years down the road. This change in skills and competencies is just what the industry needed, and it was insightful of CITB to be one of the first accreditation bodies to react.

CITB must lead the digital transformation

As the industry’s training board, CITB, must be at the forefront of this digital transformation and maintain the momentum gained. They must explores the skills and competencies the industry needs, going beyond ‘how to use tech’, to a focus on behaviours, attitudes and the development of ‘softer’ skills. As businesses and ordinary people alike realise the benefits in time, cost and flexibility, they will look to those organisations utilising technology to deliver their solutions.

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