NEBOSH Fire Safety Certificate

NEBOSH Fire Safety Certificate

The NEW format NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety is now a two module course with immediate effect.

As of 1st May 2021 the NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety will comprise of a 4 Day Training Course which prepares the you for FSC1 Open Book Exam and FSC2 Fire Risk Assessment and Written Report.


What's changed with the NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety?

NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety is an essential qualification for those with fire safety responsibilities at work. It provides the knowledge and understanding, to carry out an effective fire risk assessment. Previously if you were taking the NEBOSH Fire Certificate, you would have taken the NG1 module first. This is no longer a prerequisite, as the NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety is now based upon 'best practice' rather than UK law. This means the qualification will have a much broader appeal, and as it's taught remotely in a virtual classroom - can be accessed by a World wide audience.


How will the  new NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety help me in my career?

Holders of this qualification help their organisation meet its fire safety responsibilities, leading to a safer environment for employees and visitors. It is particularly relevant for those who contribute to or review fire risk assessments within low to medium risk workplaces.

Unit FSC1: Fire Safety and Risk Management

  • Managing Fire Safety
  • Principles of Fire and Explosion
  • Causes and Prevention of Fires and Explosions
  • Fire Protection in Buildings
  • Safety of People in the Event of Fire
  • Fire Safety Risk Assessment

Assessment: The FSC1 open book exam is undertaken online within a 24 hour window.

NEBOSH have scheduled the first all new FSC1 OBE Exam for 23rd June 2021


Unit FSC2: Fire Safety Practical Application

Assessment: On completion of the FSC1 OBE the delegate then completes FSC2 which comprises of a Fire Risk Assessment on a workplace known to the delegate and the submission of a written report.

NEBOSH FSC2 Submission - 30th June 2021



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