12 months to change the face of Health & Safety training

12 months to change the face of Health & Safety training

If you were wildly optimistic on the take-up of remote video conference training, there’s no way you could have imagined the transformation of the past 12 months.

COVID & the training technology revolution

As a training provider our work was largely based upon providing face-to-face training in key locations across the UK. Typically our strategy was to focus on locations where the construction sector was particularly active. Then came the pandemic, the UK lockdown in March 2020 saw all venues closed and people ordered to stay home. Our business was put on hold and nobody knew for how long.

Within 6 weeks the future didn’t look any brighter and technology solutions were being tested

As with many areas connected to health and safety, there was a growing need to refresh current qualifications. Especially within the construction sector – which was able to work through the pandemic - so long as they could operate a COVID secure workplace.  So training came back onto the agenda, and technology solutions coupled with a desire to deliver were explored.

2020 RISK were UK leaders in remote health and safety training

By April 2020 RISK was the first company to adapt and deliver CITB SMSTS & SSSTS courses for remote online training. Working with CITB to feedback what was working well and what needed changing to suit the format, CITB adapted the course requirements.

Working with NEBOSH, Mike and the team at RISK were able to advise on the take up and benefits of delivering remote courses. By July NEBOSH announced their flagship NG1 module could be delivered  remotely and would be tested via a pioneering online, open book exam in October.  Again RISK were first to deliver the NG1 courses remotely and had over 40 delegates taking the inaugural open book exam.

The firsts didn’t stop there, as an accredited IOSH training provider, RISK applied the learnings to deliver the first IOSH Safety for Executives remote online course. Aimed at helping smaller businesses become more Health & Safety aware, the course was adapted to help their management teams understand the implications of a COVID safe workplace. 

The technology is here to stay as delegates prefer the convenience

“The big learning has been the positive way the delegates have responded. The convenience of delegates working from the office or home to take the courses means they have more flexibility. The uptake has been fantastic and RISK has actually expanded its training base to accommodate the demand for the online health and safety training. “

Mike Adams Managing Director, RISK & Safety Management Services Ltd.

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