COVID Safe Working Environments

COVID Safe Working Environments

As the unwinding of lockdown restrictions are likely to evolve throughout 2021, the IOSH Safety for Executives helps aid the return to work process.

Unchartered territory means business owners are looking for a framework

The pandemic has been responsible for many business closures and a huge shift in remote home working. As the impact of the vaccine rolls out this will help the global economy unwind from this crisis, there will be lots of unknowns for business leaders to deal with. One of the biggest ones will be; what new measures will be needed to ensure a COVID safe place of work?

“With the ultimate responsibility for the business sitting with us, the directors, I felt we needed some credibility behind the decisions we were making. Taking the IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors remote online course and gaining the qualification adds credence to our actions, plus provides an understanding of the respective legal responsibilities. As a result of the course and some supportive research we have the framework to conduct a robust risk assessment and can ensure we’ve taken all reasonable steps to protect our workforce and the public from harm.”

Steve Megson Managing Director, Quiet Storm Solutions

IOSH Safety for Executives provides a framework for safety working

Just as with any health and safety course, it isn't focused on specifics but trying to create a culture of working safely. The pandemic is no different to many other workplace diseases, it's just it is ubiquitous. Anyone and everyone could catch it with unknown consequences - some don't know they have it, show no visible symptoms, whilst other across every age range have reacted severely and even sadly died. So the threat is very real for those returning to work, and many workplaces will have not encountered a health and safety threat like it before.

Here’s a free taster of what the IOSH Safety for Executives provides.

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