NEBOSH Environmental Certificate goes Open Book

NEBOSH Environmental Certificate goes Open Book

NEBOSH has released a new specification NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate which will help organisations’ to reduce their environment impact and deliver a positive societal influence.

NEBOSH Environmental Certificate remote online course with open book exam.

The NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management is a globally recognised qualification for those who have Environmental Management responsibilities or anyone wishing to have a career in this area and can be applied in workplaces anywhere in the world. NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management covers the principles of environmental management and is relevant for both UK and international markets. It helps demonstrate environmental excellence and social responsibility, as well avoid prosecution, litigation and loss of reputation. The NEBOSH Environmental Certificate is delivered remotely online, in a virtual classroom tutor led course.

NEBOSH Environmental Certificate is a two module qualification EMC1 and EMC2, which are combined in a single 4 day course.

The EMC1: Management and control of environmental hazards - is a 4 day course with an open book exam at a predefined date. Once you've booked your NEBOSH Environmental Certificate ESC1 course you will be registered to take the exam by RISK. This means it's important we have the correct details on your registration form, including direct delegate contact details if being booked by a third party. This also helps us to minimise any technology issues prior to the course start date.

The EMC2: Environmental practical application - is applying the knowledge gained from the EMC1 course into creating a Practical Assessment and Written Report.

This qualification has a two-step assessment process which consists of:

24-hour open book examination: You will be able to complete this at home or in another safe and suitable location where you can concentrate. You will be presented with a scenario that describes a realistic workplace and situation. You will then be asked to carry out a series of tasks using evidence presented in the scenario as well as the underpinning knowledge you have gained through your studies and revision.

Practical Assessment and Written Report: Delegates complete an Environmental Assessment and Written Report which is submitted directly to RISK no later than 10 days after the EMC1 course start date. This is then submitted to NEBOSH on your behalf. The risk assessment demonstrates that you know how to apply everything you've learnt during the course.

Around two thirds of health and safety practitioners now have environmental management as part of their overall day-to-day responsibilities at work. The knowledge and understanding gained from the NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management can help you if you have these responsibilities. Both assessments will be marked by NEBOSH.

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