The unique support provided by RISK to help your online learning journey

The unique support provided by RISK to help your online learning journey

RISK are a training course provider and not a broker. This means we aren't making a quick mark-up on the sale of a training place but are responsible for the quality of your knowledge after you have taken the course.

1 - Telephone Support

As a small team delivering high quality training, you’ll feel the personal touch of our approach.

You’ll know the person you speak to and be able to ask for them should you choose.

Each person is highly experienced, know and understand the course structures being taken.

They are you’re ‘go-to-person’ should you need answers, to change dates, etc, – we’re here to help!

2 - Personal Learning Zone Portal

The Personal Learning Zone Portal is unique to RISK and provides a combination of:

The course slides and structured notes your tutor will take you through.

Highly effective support tools to keep you on track with your course and build your confidence.

A learning framework and roadmap specific to the course(s) you’ve booked.

3 – 1-2-1  Technology Test

We understand not everyone is a technical expert, so the test is to first test your technology set-up is capable of delivering the best possible learning experience. Secondly, to ensure you’ve been able to access the Personal Learning Zone Portal and information contained within it. Finally, put your mind at rest if you have any concerns regarding the course.

4 - 1-2-1 ‘Out of Hours’ Tutor Support

Sitting an online course in a virtual classroom means there isn't the opportunity to grab 5 minutes with your tutor during the day. Which is why we provide an out of hours support line.

Out of hours tutor support is 1-2-1 support from an experienced tutor, who is expert in the subject matter. So whether you feel you need that extra help, or simply to go over something in the course material again, you have an out of hours support number.

5 – RISK Price Promise

What if you book with RISK and find the course cheaper somewhere else? RISK have a money back guarantee, so if you find a more convenient location, timescale or better value provider after booking, then we'll give you a full refund before the course starts. (Must be 28 days before the course start date).

RISK learner support prior, during and after your course

The RISK team are there for you, whether it's out of hours support or simply a chat before committing to book on a course. If you find the course information a little confusing, or simply want to discuss the implications or remote online tutor led learning for a greater understanding -  please call us on 01623 749718 or out of office hours call Val on 07967 826094.

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