Mike Adams makes British Reining news!

Mike Adams makes British Reining news!

One of only two UK male riders representing the UK at the NRHA European Futurity in Cremona, Italy.

Competing at the NRHA European Futurity in Cremona, Italy

Mikes’ passion is the sport of Reining, one of the biggest events of the Reining sporting calendar is the European Futurity which was held in May 2021 in Cremona, Italy. This was challenging logistically as many countries had closed boarders. With an official invitation requesting Mike to compete, he was classed as an elite athlete and able to travel. Competing in the amateur rankings of this international championship, Mike was one of four riders to represent the UK at this level. Reining has been likened to a Western form of dressage – both disciplines requiring a competitor to ride a set pattern with smoothness and correctness, demonstrating the unity of horse and rider. The phenomenal growth of this sport world-wide has led to it becoming the first western discipline to gain full F.E.I. recognition with the result that reining is now part of the World Equestrian Games and European Equestrian Games programmes.

"All in all an amazing experience and it’s great to see so many different nationalities competing in our sport of Reining, with over 700 horses and riders taking part in the event"

Mike Adams Managing Director of RISK & Safety Management Services Ltd


The American Quarter Horse

Noted for their fast starting, turning, and stopping ability, the American Quarter Horse is one of the oldest recognised breeds of horses in the United States. The Quarter Horse was bred for performance and the breed’s inherent quickness and agility made it ideally suited to the tasks of the developing frontier. Its good-natured disposition and natural cow-sense made the American Quarter Horse a favourite mount among cowboys during the open-range era of the West.

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