Dave Pettit – 16 years as a senior consultant

Dave Pettit – 16 years as a senior consultant

Dave Pettitt joined RISK after 38 years service in the RAF and is one of RISKs most successful health and safety trainers.

Retirement loomed but the pandemic changed everything

Dave was set to retire this year and had been working to a retirement plan he and Mike Adams, RISKs Managing Director, had agreed upon a couple of years earlier. Although Dave still enjoyed the job, as a training provider, work was largely based upon providing face-to-face training in key locations across the UK. Typically this meant travelling and several nights away every week. But the COVID pandemic changed this overnight and fortunately, RISK was agile enough to become pioneers delivering both CITB and NEBOSH courses remotely with terrific success.

"I loved the job but hated the travelling and working away. When the remote online training was first introduced, everyone including me thought it would be a stop gap - but here we are 18 months later and it's the norm. This has re-energised me and I can work from home as effectively as being in a classroom."

Dave Pettitt Senior Health & Safety Trainer and Consultant

2020 RISK were UK leaders in remote health and safety training

The construction sector, which was able to work through the pandemic, had a growing need to refresh current health and safety qualifications. As long as this could be operate a COVID secure workplace, training was possible. By April 2020 RISK was the first company to adapt and deliver CITB SMSTS & SSSTS courses for remote online training. Working with CITB to feedback what was working well and what needed changing to suit the format, CITB adapted the course requirements. Dave was one of the key consultants involved in this adaptation and adoption of technology.

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