Failed NEBOSH exam

Failed NEBOSH exam

Ex Royal Marine Dr Marc Wells (PgCLTHE, FHEA) achieves his NG1 with a well earned pass second time around with post course support.

Unsuccessful NEBOSH exam result turned around at second attempt

Having only scored 41 on his initial NG1 exam Dr Marc Wells was, as you can imagine, very disappointed. However, in taking the NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety - a qualification regarded as the gold standard in health and safety - with RISK, he received post course support and advice from both his course tutor and RISK Managing Director Mike Adams, also a former Royal Marine.

Resisting the NEBOSH General Certificate exam

Taking in the information taught, and answering the questions within an exam to demonstrate you have the knowledge is the most difficult element of any assessment. This is where experienced tutors will be able to guide you through any pitfalls and prepare you to go again - this was certainly the case with Marc.

I was obviously not doing something right

"Mike spent a considerable amount of time talking with me shortly after this first exam and while we were confident I had the knowledge to pass I was obviously not doing something right. He'd mentioned talking to David about my paper and they both agreed that it was probably written using an academic style that did not allow me to demonstrate my knowledge in a manner that would pick up marks.

Some things in life are hard, my time as a Royal Marine taught me this, and as I said to Mike last year, a re-run is a re-run and no one ever thought anything less of lads that needed to re-run one of their Commando Tests, if its needed, it is what it is. Thanks again for all your help."

Dr Marc Wells (PgCLTHE, FHEA)

Thanks to Marc for sharing his experience

The team at RISK receives lots of positive feedback from the people who attend our courses, as a smaller training provider - it's always personal, which is why we care so much.

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