How long are NEBOSH Certificates valid for?

How long are NEBOSH Certificates valid for?

NEBOSH Certificates qualifications never expire, once you have passed the exam or assessment, your certificate is valid for life.

Health and safety never stands still

Health and safety legislation is constantly evolving, which is why the NEBOSH Certificate syllabus is regularly reviewed and revised when new legislation, best practice and standards are implemented, so it's important to keep yourself up-to-date on changes in health and safety. If you're taking the NEBOSH General Certificate, you only achieve the full certificate when both modules (NG1 and NG2) are passed. Unlike the Construction, Fire and Environmental Certificates, which are one course, with the second module incorporated within it, the NEBOSH General Certificate is a course for each module.

The NEBOSH General Certificate unit validity is 5 years

The NEBOSH National General Certificate course is a two module qualification and requires modules - NG1 and NG2 to be taken. Each module or unit is valid for five years from completion. NEBOSH does appreciate that there are some circumstances that prevent learners from continuing their studies for a period of time, so if you're unsure call us on 01623 749 718 and we can make an approach if you are just out of the validity window.

The NG1 is a 5 day module with an open book exam at a predefined date. Once you've booked your NEBOSH General Certificate NG1 module you will be registered to take the exam by RISK. This means it's important we have the correct details on your registration form, including direct delegate contact details if being booked by a third party. This also helps us to minimise any technology issues prior to the course start date and with the NEBOSH Exam Portal.

The NG2 is also a 5 day module. NEBOSH General Certificate NG2 module content is aimed at developing an awareness of hazards and appropriate controls within a business environment. Delegates are then examined by a Risk Assessment/Written Report which is undertaken in the delegates own work environment. The RISK Assessment / Written Report must be submitted to RISK 10 days after the open book exam which will then be submited to NEBOSH.

Only by passing both modules will you have the full NEBOSH General Certificate qualification.

N.B. If you are studying the NEBOSH General Certificate 2014 spec. (not the new 2018 spec.) there is a deadline on registering for at least one of the exams or assessment prior to 31 October 2020. You must complete all of the exams by 31 March 2022. After this date the 2014 NEBOSH General Certificate spec will no longer be examined and is replaced by the 2018 spec. If you are unsure, please call us and speak with one of our support team on 01623 749 718.

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