Are CITB virtual classroom courses better value for money?

Are CITB virtual classroom courses better value for money?

Many people before the pandemic would argue that the value of being sat in a classroom outweighed the convenience of taking CITB courses online.

Experiencing CITB courses online has made all the difference

Without the pandemic, we'd probably still be having the same discussions. But when social distancing restrictions shutdown classroom based training venues, CITB courses were forced to move online. This is because the qualifications are critical to anyone who has a senior role on site, and without them, on most occasions you could not work in construction. This need to have a ‘ticket to work’ also forced people who would have previously hated the thought of learning in a virtual classroom, and taking an online exam, to adopt the change. Almost two years on and CITB virtual classroom courses are just an option, and while our UJC venue offers face to face classroom SMSTS courses in London, RISKs other venue locations are no longer required.

CITB virtual classroom courses are better value for money

Attending a CITB Virtual Classroom course whether it is Temporary Works Co-ordinator/Supervisor, SSSTS or SMSTS online courses, allows you to gain the same knowledge and certification as a classroom course without leaving your home or office. Whether you're an employer or self funding the CITB virtual classroom course, it will save you money!

Three ways a CITB virtual classroom course is better value for money

 #1 - No Travelling – No travel costs or time wasted spent travelling to a training course.

 #2 – Less Hassle - Finding a course which can deliver the training at a convenient time and in a commutable location.

 #3 – No Accommodation – You may need to find accommodation if you can't find a course which is running at a time you can make it, in a location you can commute to.

Discounts for In-Company group booking CITB Courses online

If you’re an employer, one of the biggest benefits of choosing virtual classroom courses is that you can host one CITB course online for all your staff to attend. It’s more cost-effective, as you can pay a group rate rather than a per-person cost for individuals, and more convenient as you can choose the time.

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