Changes to the NEBOSH construction certificate online

Changes to the NEBOSH construction certificate online

Since it's launch on the 15th March 2021, the NEBOSH Construction Certificate online, with Open Book Exam (OBE) has meant changing and adapting - here's an overview of what's changed since the first OBE.

NEBOSH have significantly changed the way their Construction Certificate works

Originally the Construction Certificate was an addition to the primary module (NG1) of the National General Certificate. Now a standalone 9 day course taught online, with an Open Book Exam (OBE). The way the exam works is very different too - it's based upon a scenario, with 10 questions which reference the relevant Health & Safety law or procedures. This is to make the course more true to a real-life situation. The scenario based questions are designed to test your understanding and ability to problem solve.

NEBOSH Construction Certificate Changes

As the new format courses are now well and truly bedded in, NEBOSH has tweaked their OBE to allow more time to test their portal and delegates access, this has increased from 48 hours to 8 days. The NEBOSH Construction Certificate delegates also get 48 hours to complete the exam. This is because it's the largest single block of learning in the new format NEBOSH Certificate Courses, at 9 days learning.

NEBOSH Construction Certificate exam frequency

The Open Book Exams are taken 6 times a year (every other month) and at the same time around the world. Everyone sitting the NEBOSH Construction Certificate - who sits the specific exam date, has 48 hours to complete the paper. In the UK, the exam start time is 11.00am, (this was originally 9.00am) and whatever country any other delegate is sitting the exam, they get access for the same 48 hour period.

The NEBOSH Construction Certificate exam is the same, how we teach it isn't!

Understanding the new on-line format, RISK have adapting our training style, materials and study resources - which is now delivering better pass rates that the National Average. We've taken the 9 day NEBOSH Construction Certificate course and split it into, two focused learning goals; the basics of UK H&S Law and Management Systems and; Identifying & Controlling Hazards. We've also split the learning into THREE sessions:

  1. Session one covers the basics of UK H&S Law and Management Systems. RISK approach this with a 3 day immersive, blended course. It mixes the tutor led virtual classroom sessions, with e-learning tools designed to embed the understanding of what's important and why.
  2. The second session is Identifying & Controlling Hazards. RISK approach this with a 5 day engaging and interactive structured method. Providing the knowledge in a realistic and practical format designed to make the learning a fun and enjoyable experience.
  3. Finally a revision day, developed to pull everything together and prepare delegates for the Open Book Exam.

As a result, we noticed our NEBOSH Construction Certificate Online pass rates improved - and outperform the National Average pass rates.

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