NEBOSH General Certificate exam dates 2022

NEBOSH General Certificate exam dates 2022

NG1 - For the NG1 Open Book digital assessment, learners will have 48 hours to access, complete and submit their General Certificate exam paper starting at 11am (UK time) on the examination date.


NEBOSH General Certificate NG1 Module
Unit Examination Date Results Notification Date
NG1 (all available languages) 08 June 2022 17 August 2022*
NG1 (English only) 06 July 2022 15 September 2022*
NG1 (English only) 03 August 2022 13 October 2022*
NG1 (all available languages) 07 September 2022 16 November 2022*
NG1 (English only) 05 October 2022 14 December 2022*
NG1 (English only) 02 November 2022 20 January 2023*
NG1 (all available languages) 07 December 2022 24 February 2023*
NG1 (English only) 18 January 2023 29 March 2023*
NG1 (English only) 08 February 2023 21 April 2023*
NG1 (all available languages) 08 March 2023 22 May 2023*
NG1 (English only) 05 April 2023 20 June 2023*
NG1 (English only) 03 May 2023 13 July 2023*
NG1 (all available languages) 07 June 2023 16 August 2023*
NG1 (English only) 05 July 2023 14 September 2023*
NG1 (English only) 09 August 2023 19 October 2023*
NG1 (all available languages) 06 September 2023 15 November 2023*
NG1 (English only) 04 October 2023 13 December 2023*
NG1 (English only) 08 November 2023 25 January 2024*
NG1 (all available languages) 06 December 2023 22 February 2024*


*All results for assessments taken in English should be received within 50 working days from the date of the examination. The specific date is written on your examination entry confirmation.


What makes up a National General Certificate?

National General Certificate is a two module qualification and requires two courses to be taken - NG1 and NG2. The NG1 is assessed with an Open Book Exam and closing interview.


Once you have booked your NEBOSH General Certificate NG1 course, you will be registered to take the exam by RISK. This means it's important we have the correct details on your registration form, including direct delegate contact details if being booked by a third party. This also helps us to minimise any technology issues prior to the course start date.

The NG2 is also a 5 day course. NG2 course content is designed to focus your thinking into applying the knowledge gained from the NG1 course into creating a practical Risk Assessment and Written Report. Delegates complete a practical Risk Assessment and Written Report which is submitted 10 days after your NG2 Course finishes - this needs to be returned to RISK, who submit to NEBOSH.

Only by passing both modules will you have the full NEBOSH General Certificate qualification

Why sit the online NEBOSH General Certificate course as one 10 day block?

RISK have consistently achieved higher than the national average pass rates for both modules of the NEBOSH General Certificate qualification. Because to give the best possible learning experience, RISK provide both modules as standalone courses. The advantage is you study your NG1 5 day online course and take your Open Book Exam whilst the knowledge is fresh. Whether you choose to take a break from studying or move on immediately to take your NG2 5 day online course is yours. The NG2 module is assessed by submitting a practical Risk Assessment and Written Report 10 days after your NG2 online course ends.

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