Two Years of NEBOSH Open Book Exams

Two Years of NEBOSH Open Book Exams

The first NEBOSH Open Book Exams (OBE) took place on 6th August 2020 and were limited to the General Certificate. Replacing traditional classroom-based exams was necessary because Covid-19 restrictions meant classroom based training and exams were not possible.

A radical shift in health and safety training

The need to adapt and shift to online, tutor led training for the NEBOSH Certificate courses with Open Book Exams had a dramatic impact on training goals. No longer did students have to recite law parrot fashion, now they were given hypothetical workplace situations and background information about their role. The students were to be tested upon their understanding of the workplace issues and relate to the scenario in their answers. The advantage of this innovation in the exam process had multiple benefits, and opened the gateway to better online virtual classroom training.

NEBOSH Certificate recognised leader in health and safety qualifications

The way the Open Book NEBOSH Certificate courses are assessed has had a significant impact on the way RISK teach and the support offered. It's also had an impact on the diversity of students, as now RISK have a global reach and successfully trained delegates from every continent during the past two years.

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