NEBOSH General Certificate online exam

NEBOSH General Certificate online exam

Whether you study for the General Certificate in a physical classroom or in a virtual classroom via video conference - your knowledge is assessed as an online Open Book Exam.

RISK believe this makes the virtual courses a better learning format

The online Open Book Exam is very different to the old format course and written exam. This is why RISK adapted their learning materials and the way their NEBOSH General Certificate course is taught online. It's been designed to provide the best preparation possible for the online assessment process - including preparing you for the Open Book Exam experience.


There are 5 key stages to the NEBOSH General Certificate online exam

1 - Registration for the exam

Once you are registered on a General Certificate Course, RISK will book your exam place. Once registered to a specific Open Book Exam (OBE), NEBOSH will send you a Confirmation of Registration email that includes your learner number, and important information relating to your General Certificate Open Book Exam.

All delegates across the world have a 24 hour window to complete and submit their examination paper. The UK exam start date is 11.00am, so when booking a course you need to ensure you are also aware of the exam date.

2 - Your exam portal login is issued directly by NEBOSH via email

Following receipt of your Confirmation of Registration email for your digital assessment, NEBOSH will send you a further email containing your Username and Password for the NEBOSH online examination platform.

This is issued eight days BEFORE your Open Book Exam, this is so you can check there are no issues accessing the portal - and have time to report and resolve any encountered.

3 - 24 hour window to complete and submit your examination paper

This exam is the same for everyone in this cohort of delegates across the world, the start time of the exam in the UK is 11.00am, for non UK delegates it's the comparable time in their country (i.e. the same 24 hours for all exam takers).


You have a 24 hour window to complete and submit your examination paper.

The new exam format is Open Book and this means you are allowed to use the internet to research answers. However, NEBOSH has a strict and rigorous approach to malpractice, plagiarism and collusion. This ensures fairness for all our learners and provides reassurance for the organisations who employ our qualification holders. You must not collude or share answers with other learners and all the work you submit must be solely your own.


Scenario based questions

The questions are based on a realistic scenario, which will test both what you know and what you can do. You will be asked to carry out a series of tasks using evidence from the scenario and the underpinning knowledge gained through your studies and revision. You will have 24 hours to download, complete and submit your assessment.

As a key part of the General Certificate Course, RISK dedicate training to researching likely questions so you can make your own structured notes. Because the exam is Open Book, these are a legitimate support tool within the exam process.

Time is also taken to simulate the types of questions, provide tactics and tools to help you develop, score and refine your answers. So when it comes to the actual exam you are as prepared as possible - not only with the knowledge to answer the questions, but in how the exams are delivered and assessed.

Your assessment will be marked by an external examiner appointed by NEBOSH.


4 - Closing out interviews

RISK get access to your submitted exam papers 3 days later in preparation for closing interviews. At this point the exam hasn't been marked by NEBOSH, the purpose of this interview is to assess the work has been completed by the delegate. The aim of this interview is to ensure that the work was completed by the delegate themselves and exam scripts have not been plagiarised.


Closing interviews

RISK are provided with a list of interview questions which are bespoke to the examination paper and designed to check you have the underpinning knowledge and understanding behind your answers. Learning Partners ask the questions in a random sequence so not every learner will be asked the same combination of questions; this prevents learners from predicting the interview questions or coaching others.

RISK then complete a Closing Interview Record Sheet for every learner.

To make sure the closing interviews are carried out correctly NEBOSH silently observes a targeted selection of interviews AND scrutinises Closing Interview Record Sheets. If your RISK interviewer or NEBOSH suspects malpractice at any time we will investigate further.

5 - Examination results

All results for assessments taken in English should be received within 50 working days from the date of the examination.


The NEBOSH General Certificate requires both NG1 & NG2 modules.

The NG1 is a 5 day course with an Open Book Exam at a predefined date.

The NG2 is also a 5 day course. NG2 course content is designed to focus your thinking into applying the knowledge gained from the NG1 course into creating a practical Risk Assessment and Written Report. Delegates complete a practical Risk Assessment and Written Report which is submitted 10 days after your NG2 Course finishes.

Only by passing both modules will you have the full NEBOSH General Certificate qualification.

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