NEBOSH Construction Certificate (UK) Exam Dates 2024

NEBOSH Construction Certificate (UK) Exam Dates 2024

Here are the exams dates to plan your NEBOSH Construction Certificate course around, if you are based in the UK.


NEBOSH Construction Certificate is an industry-specific focused qualification

The NEBOSH Construction Certificate is one of the most highly regarded qualification designed specifically for professionals working in the construction industry. Tailored to address the unique health and safety challenges prevalent in construction, this certification is a key driver for career development within the sector.


NEBOSH Construction Certificate exam dates and results notification for 2024

Whether you study for the Construction Certificate in a physical classroom or in a virtual classroom via video conference - your knowledge is assessed as an online Open Book Exam.


NEBOSH Construction Certificate NC1 Module
Unit Examination Date Results Notification Date
NC1 16 January 2024 26 March 2024
NC1 02 April 2024 13 June 2024
NC1 02 July 2024 11 September 2024
NC1 01 October 2024 10 December 2024


Tailored to address the unique health and safety challenges prevalent in construction

One of the primary benefits of the NEBOSH Construction Certificate is its industry-specific focus. Construction sites present distinct hazards and risks, and this qualification equips individuals with the specialised knowledge and skills required to manage health and safety effectively in this dynamic environment. The content covers a range of critical topics, including risk assessment, hazard control and legal compliance specific to construction activities.

The practical emphasis of the certification is another key advantage. Participants engage in real-world case studies and scenarios, gaining hands-on experience in applying health and safety principles to construction contexts. This practical orientation enhances problem-solving abilities and equips individuals to make informed decisions in the fast-paced and complex construction environment.


Personal Learning Zone online portal a game changer for NEBOSH learners

With the switch to online delivery of NEBOSH Certificate courses, RISK Health & Safety Training developed a unique learning focused portal. This is specifically designed to deliver support for the 'virtual online tutor led NEBOSH Certificate courses.'  It's designed around the needs of the individual and each course is supported by a unique RISK tailored learning framework. In being awarded the Gold Learning Partner Accreditation by NEBOSH, the Personal Learning Zone was specifically mentioned when referencing how RISK have gone above and beyond what's required to support learners. This unique, learner focused system, means RISK provide you with greater flexibility for studies and preparation for the exam process.


The NEBOSH Construction Certificate Personal Learning Zone

It provides a unique combination of highly effective support tools, structured learning frameworks and practical revision exercises.

NEBOSH Construction Certificate pre-course preparation information pack – your course warm up!

NEBOSH Construction Certificate Open Book Exam course framework - makes learning easy!

NEBOSH Construction Certificate course revision tools – 24/7 support up to your exam!

NEBOSH Construction Certificate combined with the Personal Learning Zone is proven to be a winning formula.

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