CITB health and safety training online, classroom or in-company courses

CITB health and safety training online, classroom or in-company courses

RISK is one of the UK's most experienced CITB Accredited training providers and can offer a suite of CITB health and safety training for individuals and companies tailored to your preferred delivery needs.


Designed to deliver CITB health and safety training in the most effective format

RISK work with some of the UK's largest construction companies, as well as global brands operating in the UK. Our niche is our ability to design the course delivery in a way which meets the learning needs of the individual as well as the businesses training goals. As an accredited CITB training provider, we have worked directly with CITB to design courses for the MOD, as well as helping them to develop and pioneer tutor led courses online. Our SMSTS and SSSTS courses are a fantastic example of how we innovate the delivery of courses.


Our CITB SMSTS and SSSTS courses are delivered both online and in physical classrooms

These safety critical qualifications have been adapted to be delivered online or in a classroom. In a block format, day release, or over a weekend. This is because we understand the needs of our clients. When working with larger businesses we can tailor the sessions to incorporate the course materials to be in tune with the business needs. RISKs’ philosophy is simple - supporting individuals to succeed in their careers and businesses to achieve their health and safety goals to keep people working in construction safer.


Why choose RISK for your CITB health and safety training

RISK are a multi-award winning training business

RISK pioneered the SMSTS & SSSTS courses in remote zoom classrooms for CITB

Personal Learning Zone portal with an SMSTS & SSSTS learning framework unique to RISK

Expert CITB tutor led, highly engaging, remote online courses

1-2-1 expert tutor 'out of hours' support, plus telephone support before and after your online CITB course

Direct access to the trainer not via a third party


Why using CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) accredited training providers is important

There are lots of organisations online selling CITB training who are not accredited by CITB. Typically, these are brokers, selling on the sale to an accredited training organisation or self-employed accredited trainer. Although the course remains accredited, there are several areas you need to consider when selecting your CITB health and safety training provider.

Quality Assurance: CITB accredited training providers undergo a rigorous approval process to ensure that their training programs meet high standards of quality, relevance, and effectiveness. Accredited providers are expected to adhere to CITB's guidelines and standards, which contributes to the overall quality assurance of the training.

Compliance with Industry Standards: CITB establishes industry standards for health and safety training in the construction sector. Training with an accredited provider ensures that the courses align with these standards and cover the necessary topics to keep individuals and workplaces compliant with regulations.

Recognition and Credibility: Training from accredited providers is often more widely recognised and accepted within the construction industry. This recognition adds credibility to the training received and the qualifications obtained.

Relevance to the Construction Sector: CITB accredited training providers can tailor their courses to address the specific needs and challenges of the construction industry. This ensures that the content is relevant, practical, and applicable to the work environments and roles within the sector.

Up-to-Date Content: Accredited providers are more likely to update their course content regularly to reflect changes in legislation, industry best practices, and emerging safety standards. This helps participants stay current with the latest information and requirements.

Consistency in Training Delivery: CITB accreditation promotes consistency in the delivery of training. Accredited providers follow established guidelines and methodologies, ensuring that participants receive a consistent and standardised learning experience.

Recognition by CITB and Other Bodies: Training from CITB accredited providers is recognised by CITB, which is a key organisation in the construction industry. This recognition can be important for individuals seeking employment in the industry and for organisations looking to demonstrate their commitment to safety.

Access to CITB Grants and Funding: Some CITB training courses may be eligible for grants or funding. Using accredited providers may be a requirement to access these financial incentives, which can be beneficial for both individuals and organisations investing in training.

Meeting Employer Requirements: Many employers in the construction industry prefer or require their employees to undergo training from CITB accredited providers. Using accredited providers can enhance employability and fulfil specific employer requirements.

Choosing an accredited provider like RISK ensures that the training meets recognised standards and contributes to a safer and more compliant construction industry.

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