Face to face classes UK coverage for CITB Courses

Face to face classes UK coverage for CITB Courses

An increased interest in classroom based courses alongside demand for virtual options has resulted in CITB training now being delivered at eight venues in Scotland and across England.


More locations, more CITB courses and qualifications than ever before

RISK have delivered CITB Site Safety Plus Courses For Construction Skills since 1997and prior to this in 1995, the directors of RISK were instrumental in setting up CITB courses within the MOD. Never in the history of RISK have we had the volume and CITB courses we are able to offer today.


SMSTS and SSSTS courses in greatest demand

Although RISK offer the wider portfolio of Site Safety Plus Courses, the demand for classroom-based courses is led by these two industry standard qualifications. CITB SMSTS and SSSTS are crucial qualifications in construction for both safety and career prospects. SMSTS equips site managers with deep safety knowledge to implement best practices and manage risks, while SSSTS empowers supervisors to understand and enforce safety procedures. Both demonstrate commitment to safety, reducing accidents and protecting workers. They also meet legal requirements and are often essential for employment in supervisory roles. Ultimately, these qualifications save lives, boost safety culture and open doors to career advancement.


Why SMSTS and SSSTS classroom-based courses are in greater demand

Feedback from tutors and delegates suggests an 'in person physical classroom' delivery method is in greater demand from those who don't have English as a first language. It's well known the construction sector has a diverse workforce.

In London, according to a CITB report, half the construction workforce are migrant workers. Language obstacles and miscommunications can harm a company's safety and daily operations. Which is why CITB refuse to let their courses be taught in any other language other than English. This is why we have increased the classroom-based training for SMSTS and SSSTS courses and refreshers.


SMSTS Venues

London SMSTS Classroom Courses

Birmingham SMSTS Classroom Courses

Edinburgh SMSTS Classroom Courses

Glasgow SMSTS Classroom Courses

Leeds SMSTS Classroom Courses

Liverpool SMSTS Classroom Courses

Manchester SMSTS Classroom Courses

Newcastle SMSTS Classroom Courses


SSSTS Venues

London SSSTS Classroom Courses

Birmingham SSSTS Classroom Courses

Edinburgh SSSTS Classroom Courses

Glasgow SSSTS Classroom Courses

Leeds SSSTS Classroom Courses

Liverpool SSSTS Classroom Courses

Manchester SSSTS Classroom Courses

Newcastle SSSTS Classroom Courses


Tutor led online CITB SMSTS and SSSTS courses

In addition to these classroom-based courses we have tutor led online CITB SMSTS and SSSTS courses. RISK also deliver ‘in-company’ and open online training courses for the wider portfolio of Site Safety Plus qualifications.

CITB is the Sector Skills Council for the construction industry. Standards for nationally recognised qualifications are developed and maintained by Sector Skills Councils and registered by qualification boards in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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