Why Choose RISK Training for Your Health and Safety Needs?

Why Choose RISK Training for Your Health and Safety Needs?

We offer unparalleled expertise, flexibility and commitment to your success, regardless of your company size or individual aspirations.


We work with international companies and individuals alike

Whether you lead a multinational corporation or are starting your journey in health and safety, prioritising training is paramount. But with numerous providers vying for your attention, choosing the right partner can feel daunting.


If you are a company looking for a reliable training partner:

Proven Industry Track Record: With over 25 years of experience, RISK boasts a rich heritage in construction health and safety training. We've partnered with countless companies, guiding them towards safer workplaces and regulatory compliance.

Unmatched Course Diversity: From CITB, IOSH and NEBOSH qualifications to bespoke in-house training, RISK caters to all your health and safety training needs. Our extensive portfolio ensures you find the perfect solution for your workforce, from site operatives to senior management.

Flexibility Tailored to You: Whether you prefer on-site delivery, virtual classrooms or blended learning, RISK adapts to your unique requirements. We understand busy schedules and offer flexible scheduling and customised programs to minimise disruption and maximise impact.

Expert Trainers You Can Trust: The team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced instructors with extensive industry knowledge and a passion for safety. They create engaging learning environments that foster understanding and encourage practical application.

Dedicated Support: The commitment doesn't start or end with training. RISK provides pre-course and post-qualification support and resources to ensure you navigate health and safety effectively. Our approachable team is always available to answer questions and offer guidance.


If Your Pursuing Career Growth:

Launch Your Career: Whether you're a school leaver or seeking a career change, RISK offers entry-level qualifications to kickstart your journey into health and safety.

Specialist Expertise: If you're already established, we have advanced qualifications like the NEBOSH Certificates to help you specialise and climb the career ladder.

Friendly, Free Advice: Our team are there to help, they can help advise on the best qualifications for your specific career path.


Choose RISK and unlock the full potential of your health and safety journey

Investing in RISK is an investment in your future, whether as a company seeking a safer, more productive workforce or an individual aspiring to excel in the health and safety field. The tailored solutions, expert trainers and unwavering support empower you to achieve your goals and create a safer, more responsible working environment for all.

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