Looking for an SMSTS course near you?

Looking for an SMSTS course near you?

With eight venues across England and Scotland delivering classroom-based SMSTS courses, plus block and day release online ‘tutor led’ virtual courses – we’ve got you covered.


An SMSTS course tailor-made for you

The SMSTS course isn't just a stepping stone to a career in construction management; it's a commitment to creating a safer, more productive work environment for everyone involved. By acquiring this valuable qualification, you demonstrate your leadership potential, enhance your career prospects and contribute to a more positive future for the construction industry.


Who Stands to Benefit from the SMSTS course?

In today's dynamic construction industry, safety is paramount. The Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) stands as a cornerstone in ensuring that construction sites are managed with utmost regard for health and safety regulations. But who exactly needs to undertake such a course, what qualifications do they receive and how can it shape their career trajectory?

Aspiring site managers: Gaining the crucial safety knowledge and skills before stepping into this leadership role sets you apart in a competitive job market.

Established site managers: Refreshing and expanding your safety expertise ensures you stay ahead of industry regulations and best practices.

Supervisors and team leaders: Building your safety competence empowers you to contribute effectively to a positive safety culture on site.

Business owners and managers: Demonstrating your commitment to safety through this qualification instils confidence in clients and stakeholders.

Even those in related fields such as architecture or engineering may find value in undertaking this training, to broaden their understanding of construction site safety protocols.


The SMSTS Qualification

Upon successful completion of the SMSTS course, you receive the coveted qualification: the Site Management Safety Training Scheme certificate from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB). This serves as a testament to your competency in managing construction sites in compliance with health and safety regulations.

In-depth understanding of health and safety legislation: Navigate complex regulations with confidence, minimising legal risks and ensuring compliance.

Enhanced risk management skills: Proactively identify and mitigate potential hazards, preventing accidents and protecting your team.

Effective communication and leadership: Foster a positive safety culture by engaging your team in risk prevention and open communication.

The benefits of obtaining an SMSTS qualification extend far beyond the certification. Firstly, it enhances your employability within the construction industry. Many employers prioritise candidates with relevant qualifications and experience, and holding an SMSTS certificate can significantly boost your options. It can open doors to higher-paying managerial positions, as companies often seek individuals capable of ensuring site safety while effectively managing projects.


How you benefit from the SMSTS Course

The SMSTS course equips you with invaluable knowledge and skills that are applicable across various construction projects. From understanding legal responsibilities to implementing risk assessments and developing effective communication strategies, the course covers a wide array of topics essential for successful site management.

Ultimately, undertaking an SMSTS course is not merely about fulfilling a regulatory requirement; it's a strategic investment in your career advancement and personal development. By gaining the necessary expertise in construction site safety and management, you can elevate your professional standing, contribute to safer work environments and pave the way for long-term success in the construction industry.

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