The challenges of taking the SMSTS Refresher

The challenges of taking the SMSTS Refresher

Juggling daily tasks and project demands can make revisiting complex regulations and procedures feel daunting – so ensure you give yourself ample time before you sit your refresher course.


If you are taking an SMSTS Refresher for the first time in 2024 – you passed pre-Covid!

A lot of things can change in five years and this can erode the sharp edges of even the most well-honed safety knowledge. The construction industry is a dynamic landscape, where regulations evolve and best practices continuously improve. For site managers, staying ahead of the curve is crucial and the Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) Refresher course serves as an essential tool for maintaining safety expertise. However, this journey of renewal can present its own set of challenges.

Shifting regulations: Keeping pace with changes in health and safety regulations can be challenging, especially for those who haven't actively engaged with updates since their initial SMSTS training.

Evolving best practices: The industry landscape constantly evolves, and the refresher course might introduce new approaches or practices that require adaptation and integration into existing knowledge.

Memory lapses: Recalling specific details of legislation or hazard identification techniques after an extended period can be tricky, requiring focused effort and effective study strategies.


Many put the Refresher off until the last possible course date before their SMSTS expires

Yes - balancing work commitments with the demands of attending a refresher course can be daunting. Construction project schedules are often tight, and taking time away from on-site responsibilities to attend training sessions may disrupt workflow and project timelines.

Yes - you may struggle to allocate sufficient time for studying and preparing for the course while juggling daily work duties.

Yes – it’s difficult finding a suitable time to attend the refresher course amidst project deadlines, client meetings and other professional obligations. It’s an even bigger problem working on multiple projects simultaneously or those with irregular work schedules.


But if you fail, you’ll need to re-sit the whole 5-day SMSTS course

Keeping up with evolving regulations and industry standards can be difficult. Construction health and safety regulations are subject to regular updates and revisions, requiring you to stay abreast of the latest developments. The SMSTS refresher course aims to address these changes, but you must grasp all new requirements and best practices. So if you leave it until the ‘last chance saloon’ – it may be more painful than you think.

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