Launching Your Construction Career with the CITB Health & Safety Awareness Course

Launching Your Construction Career with the CITB Health & Safety Awareness Course

Every worker deserves a safe workplace and the CITB Health & Safety Awareness Training Course empowers individuals to contribute to that crucial goal, opening the doors to a career in construction.


Who Needs This Foundation?

The CITB Health & Safety Awareness Course is the ideal starting point for anyone considering entering the construction world. Whether you're a school leaver, career changer or aspiring labourer, gaining a solid understanding of safety is paramount. It's also valuable for supervisors and managers seeking to refresh their knowledge or demonstrate their commitment to a safe work environment.


Available as e-learning, online tutor led or in a physical classroom

The course gives you the health and safety knowledge and practical skills to work on a construction site and can be the first step to getting your CSCS green card. To gain your CSCS green card you need to pass both this course and the Health Safety & Environment Test.


Construction is a dangerous industry to work in

The construction industry shapes our skylines and infrastructure, yet it remains statistically one of the most dangerous areas to work in. Construction is one of the largest industries in the UK and so employs more people, however, the number of deaths is still disproportionate to the number of workers. This one-day course equips you with the tools to navigate potential hazards on-site. You'll delve into key areas like:

Identifying and understanding common risks: From falls and electrical hazards to working with hazardous materials, you'll learn to recognize and avoid potential dangers.

Understanding your individual and employer's responsibilities: Knowing your rights and obligations fosters a safer, more collaborative work environment.

Knowing what to do when things go wrong: Accident reporting procedures and emergency response become second nature, ensuring swift action in critical situations.


A stepping stone to more opportunities in construction

Upon successful completion, you'll earn the CITB Health & Safety Awareness Certificate. This recognised qualification demonstrates your commitment to safety and provides a foundation for further training and career progression.


Helping you build a safer, brighter future

The benefits of the course extend far beyond the certificate. Here's how it can pave the way for a successful construction career:

Enhanced employability: Stand out from the crowd with a recognised safety qualification, increasing your appeal to potential employers.

Confidence boost: Enter the workforce with the knowledge and awareness to navigate unfamiliar situations confidently.

Peace of mind: Knowing how to stay safe and contribute to a positive safety culture fosters a more fulfilling work experience.

Career progression: This course lays the groundwork for further safety training and specialised roles within the construction industry.

Beyond individual benefits, the course plays a crucial role in shaping a safer construction industry. By equipping individuals with safety awareness, it reduces accidents, protects lives, and fosters a culture of responsibility.

Investing in the CITB Health & Safety Awareness Training Course isn't just about your career; it's about taking a proactive step towards a safer future for yourself, your colleagues, and the entire construction industry. It's the first step on a journey where safety becomes not just a rule, but a shared value, building a stronger, more responsible industry, brick by safety-conscious brick.

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